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Friday, September 12th, 2014

mom uniform concert cool

This girl is going to concert tomorrow.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I went to a show.  Since I am not out partying like a rock star most nights, why not take this chance to dress up a bit?  I always love the challenge of finding age appropriate clothes that still maintain just a bit of edge.  Girls of a certain age {and yes, I fall into the category} need to be careful.  There is an extremely fine line between rocking cool and “trying too hard”.

In an effort to try to wear more skirts and dresses, let’s start with a brown leather skirt.  {While the one pictured above is breathtakingly beautiful, REDValentino is not in my budget.  I would go with this skirt instead.  I love the rough edges and flirty length-which isn’t too short when you are 5’0″!}  Pair it with a simple, black silk tank.  The accessories add the edge.  An awesome pair of black heels, a snake clutch, and over-the-top wing ear cuffs!

I can’t wait to see Katy Perry’s amazing costumes and her sets.  OH, and the music too, of course!

Leather Skirt//Black Tank//Black Heels//Snake Clutch//Wing Ear Cuffs

Need other Mom Uniforms?

Mixed Prints

Modern Cocktail

Road Trip

Camo Fun

Have a great weekend! Rock on, my sisters.


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Tuesday, July 15th, 2014


Brooks Running Company is turning 100 and they are celebrating with a collection of fantastic throw back sneakers!  It is hard to resist these retro cool styles in bright fun colors.  Check out the entire Heritage Collection.

Which is your favorite?

brooks running heritage

I actually loved the colors from the Men’s collection but my feet are too small. My top pick would be the Women’s Vantage in green.


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Friday, July 11th, 2014

sunny long weekend

It is a legitimate heat wave! When temperatures hover around 90 degrees in Seattle, things get a little nutty.  I, for one, L O V E it!  We are heading into another GORGEOUS weekend and it is shaping up to be an amazing summer.

I came across the blog of illustrator Cindy Mangomini.  Her fashion illustrations are fantastic. { I wish I had an ounce of her artistic talent.}  Check out how she styled and sketched the must haves for a sunny long weekend {above} and a day at the beach {below}.  I am taking notes!

day at the beach

Check out the rest of her perfectly styled work.

Have a great weekend.  Stay cool. xoxo


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Thursday, April 17th, 2014

street style

Do I dare where white?  It is a risk when you are raising two boys!  I am totally in love with two looks I have been spotting as I stalk the web.  The first is white on white.  It looks crisp and put together, even if it is jeans and a casual top. The second is white denim and sneakers.  Why not combine the two for my latest Street Style // My Style? I am all in!  My lifestyle is 100% casual, so I am thinking the perfect white T, cropped white denim, and sneakers.  You could totally justify having three different pair of sneakers, right?  Well, that is three different looks just by changing your shoes.  I am nothing if not practical.

white on white

What do you think?  Will you wear white on white plus sneaks?  And by the way.  Perforated high tops.  They are now on my wish list.

 V-Neck T//Ankle Jeans//Chuck Taylor:All Stars//Leopard Print Slip On//Gold Slip On//Gray High Tops//Black High Tops

{Top images via my Street Style Pinterest board}

P.S. The first Street Style // My Style and a Spring Uniform.



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Friday, March 28th, 2014

cut and cuffed

All winter I wore a pair of Old Navy Rockstar skinnies.  The price is right-on and they are super comfortable.  Since I am only 5′ {with heels} they wore really long, but I liked the look with my boots.  Now that spring has arrived, the length was bugging me.  At full-price they are under $35, so I didn’t want to pay to get them hemmed.  While I am no seamstress, I can use a pair of scissors.  My solution to the length problem was just to cut and cuff them!

Step 1: Cuff jeans to the desired length.

Good lord!  Yes, I am ridiculously short!  A cuff that big would look comical.  {They needed to be cut!}

step 1 cuff

Step 2:  Measure for the length of the desired cuff.

I wanted my cuff to be about 2″, so I used my trusty sewing ruler.

step 2 measure

Step 3:  Draw a straight line and flip inside out.

Using a straight edge, I drew a line 2″ higher {than the desired length} on each leg and then flipped the jeans inside out.

step 3 flip inside out

Step 4:  Cut and wash.

Using sharp sewing scissors I cut both legs at the measured line.  It is important to wash the jeans or they won’t fray.  {And it just looks silly if they are cut and not frayed.}

step 4 cut and wash

I am so happy with the finished look that I am going to do the same thing with a pair of Rockstar White Super Skinny Jeans.  If you didn’t want to cuff the jeans, just cut at the desired length and wash.  Easiest and least expensive alterations you will ever find.  ROCK ON!

P.S.  So here’s the deal.  I am not a fashion blogger.  I totally get that!  Rest assured, there will not be future posts of me modeling my outfit of the day.  Yesterday I needed a shot of my finished project so I set up my handy tri-pod and snapped the top photo.  Self-timer action was in full effect.  It was pure entertainment for the landscaping crew working next door.  I can only imagine what they were saying about me!  xoxo


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Thursday, March 20th, 2014

my perfect white T

Everyone needs the basic wardrobe staple, a plain white T.  I love denim paired with a white t-shirt.  Add a few accessories and you have the perfect no fuss outfit!   While it may seem ridiculous, I have four STEADFAST requirements for t-shirts {of any color}.  Everyone’s body type calls for a different type of t-shirt.

The following describes my perfect white T:

A “V” or scoop neckline.  I am quite busty.  These two necklines are the most flattering for girls with curves up top.

Light weight cotton.  The lighter material the better. Heavy cotton T’s add bulk, which no one wants.  Be careful when buying thin white T’s.  Unless you plan to wear a bright, colorful bra {a bold move} you don’t want the T to be see through.  Make sure to try it on with the bra you plan to wear.

Short/cap sleeve.  A cap sleeve is the most flattering on me.  The sleeve hem hits right at the thinnest part of my arm. I don’t know about you, but I usually judge a picture a “keeper” if my arms look good.

A loose but feminine cut.   Thanks to my children and middle-age my mid-section is the least favorite part of my body.  If the t-shirt is too tight, it only accentuates this “problem area” {God, I hate that term!}.  I prefer a loose, but feminine, cut that skims my body but doesn’t cling to my tummy.

So that is my perfect T.  If I had a different body type I would love to play with the classic T and tons of layered necklaces or a boat neck t-shirt paired with classic trousers.  But I don’t, so I stick to what looks best on me.

Have you thought about it?   What are the requirements for YOUR perfect white T?

Top T-shirt:  James Perse V-Neck

Bottom T-shirt:  Splendid Very Light Jersey Scoop Neck


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Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

sprung for spring

Oh, man.  It’s time!  Time to forget about all the black and grey, put away the boots, and shed our winter coat.  Springing forward is always an awesome shock to the system.  We instantly earn an extra hour of daylight at the end of our day and suddenly everyone feels lighter.  It also helps that the buckets and buckets of rain seem to be on pause for a bit here in Seattle.  We actually are catching glimpses of beautiful sunny, spring days.  Doesn’t it make you want to add something “springy” to your arsenal?  This girl is sprung for spring!

A few spring items that make me smile:

bkr glass water bottle in dive//DV by Dolce Vita ‘Cho’ Wedge sandals {ON SALE!}// Ear buddies in Perfect Pink/Canteloupe//Gap Fluid tank in New Dark Orange// Rain or Shine umbrella in Dottie//


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Friday, February 28th, 2014

oscar gowns

How awesome is this?  Every Best Actress gown since 1929.   I swoon.  Get ready for the Academy Awards on Sunday!  Whether you are dressing up for a party or sofa surfing like me, it is always a treat to see the gorgeous gowns.  JLaw’s dress was stunning last year.  Who will be the favorites this year?

And after the weekend, this little cutie will have many more gowns to use as inspiration.  Gowns made of paper.  That mama gets Mother of the Year Award in my book. Follow all of her amazing creations: @2sisters_angie

lupita mini

taylor mini

JLaw mini

Gown graphic via Cupcakes and Cashmere by Mediarun Digital.

Paper gown images via @2sisters_angie on Instagram.



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Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

where is june camo

It is no secret that I am crazy for camo.  I keep waiting to grow out of it, but then I spot a new piece of camouflage apparel and I am sunk once again!  Camo is that perfect touch of tough.  I love pairing it with bold jewelry and light fabrics in bright colors.  I really think anyone, no matter their age or their style, can wear camouflage.  If a jacket or pants is too much for you, how about a scarf, a watch, or a cute pair of flats?   Just dare yourself to give it a try.  Be fearless with fashion!

crazy for camo

A quick round of camouflage essentials for Spring ’14:

Scarf//Pants//Jacket//Tote//Watch//Tee//Flats//Cross-body Bag

Photo by Elise Marie Photography


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Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

5 looks with Warby Parker | Where is June?

Modern girls {or women, if you prefer} are busier than ever.  Our days might include a day at the office, school runs, volunteer hours, an endless number of errands, driving kids to practice, and an evening meeting.  Occasionally we may sneak in coffee with girlfriends or a date night with our favorite guy.  Wow!  We are amazing, aren’t we?

And hey, even us girls of a certain age want to look our very best while out and about.  I talked my gorgeous sister-in-law, Piper, into helping me with a post that shows by simply changing up your hair and adding accessories -you can change your look entirely.  Since she wears glasses, we also took advantage of the Warby Parker free Home Try-On program.  Warby Parker is an on-line eyewear boutique. Their glasses start at just $95.  At that price you can have more than one pair.  Change your frames.  Change your frame of mind.

Five different frames.  Five different looks.  Look what we put together:

 1.  A School Run

make a school run.  Warby Parker- Baxter | Where is June

Let’s be honest.  When you are running the kids to school, you don’t want to take more than a few minutes, if that, to get yourself ready.  Low maintenance is key.  Throw on a cozy zip-up and a cute striped beanie- you are out the door .  {Love the beanie for hiding morning, bed head!}  Piper is wearing  BAXTER  in Catalina Blue.

2.  Coffee with Girlfriends

coffe with girlfriends and mallory

It is such a treat to have time with girlfriends.  Nothing fancy, just relaxed fun.  These tortoise frames are awesome all by themselves!  Wow!  Add a color block sweater and big gold hoops and it’s time to catch up with your best girls.  Piper is wearing MALLORY in Gimlet Tortoise.

3.  Charity Board Meeting

attend a charity board meeting.  Warby Parker-Zag | Where is June?

Sometimes we need to look sharp and on point.  {Those of you who work outside the home do this everyday.}  The color blocking on these frames is unique but the shape keeps the look professional.  I love the crisp white shirt with a geometric print tank. Completely modern.  Finish the look with smooth straight hair, simple studs, and a bold necklace.  You are ready to kick butt and take names.  Piper is wearing ZAGG in Tennessee Whiskey

4.  Date Night

date night. Warby Parker-Linwood | Where is June?

Yessss.  A night out!  Time to loosen things up a bit.  Tousle your hair and think sexy. {Isn’t she a knock out?} Dress up a silk blouse with a large, statement necklace and go with a bolder lip.  Baby, you are hot to trot.  Piper is wearing LINWOOD in Revolver Black.

5.  Farmers’ Market

visit the farmer's market.  Warby Parker-Miles | Where is June?

Time to be the casual hipster! A colorful {edgy} scarf and loose curls under a fedora is nothing but happy and carefree. Don’t you wish everyday was market day?  Piper is wearing MILES in Revolver Black.

Now, your turn.  Time to go to your closet.  Choose your go-to outfit of the moment.  Pull out all of your accessories. {All of them.}  I bet, if you are creative, you can change up that outfit at least three ways with accessories you already own.   Let me know what you come up with!

All images by Elise Marie Photography for Where is June?

Hair by Kelley Henry


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