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Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Some of favorite things in my home have been found in Etsy shops.  I am consistently impressed by the creativity and quality of products offered by shop owners.  I thought it would be fun to share a few shops that are saved as my favorites.

4 Shops to Love (clockwise, starting with top left image):

1|  peastyle  |  Not a large shop, but her natural Seagrass baskets look versatile and perfectly imperfect.

2|  MintThreads owned by Amanda Wade | Authentic vintage threads.  Perfect way to find vintage clothing to add to your wardrobe without having to do all the hunting at thrift stores.  The vintage T’s are my favorite!

3|  TheLightFactory owned by Ashlie Ewen. | Gorgeous light fixtures. Her bubble chandeliers are striking!

4|  ThePrintableStudio | Printable wall art.  Unique and totally approachable.  A great way to add art to your walls with out the heavy price tag.  The prints are sold as instant digital downloads.  Instant gratification.

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops?  Please share!


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Friday, September 8th, 2017


Happy Friday!  After a 3 month hiatus from shopping there are a few staples that I would like to add to my closet.  I want to buy only one new pair of shoes for fall/winter.  After consideration, I’ve decided it should be a new pair of black boots.  In Seattle you get a ton of wear out of boots throughout fall and winter -probably more than any other shoe.  While in bed last night I was doing a little online, window shopping and found these 4 beauties.  All quite similar, but each have a slightly different block heel and the materials differ as well. For fun, I’m throwing it out to you.  Which boot do you like best?  I purposefully have not included price or designer.  {I will update with shopping details later!}

Let me know what you think?


Thank you to all the readers who responded on Friday!  I loved hearing the rationale of your selection.  #3 by Acne Studious had the fewest votes which is interesting. Although gorgeous those boots are by far the most expensive and never an actual option. #1 by Vince had a few votes for it’s lasting potential and uniform color with the black heel. #2 by Splendid and #4 by Jeffery Campbell were the darlings-with the Splendid boots getting the most votes.  My personal vote is either #2 or #4!  I’m going to order both and see which pair wins my heart.  I’ll keep you posted!

Shopping details:  Vince/Splendid/Acne Studios/Jeffery Campbell



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Friday, September 1st, 2017

play converse | Where is June?

I picked my girlfriend up for lunch a while back and she was wearing the best pair of Converse ever!  She wore the white Comme des Garcones Play classic Chuck -with the delightful red heart and eyeballs!  To say I nearly died is selling my reaction way short! Just a little research and I found these amazing images.  I can’t even.  The rattier the better, in my opinion.  My friend wore hers with a pair of chinos, but you could rock them with denim, shorts or a dress!

Not cheap, but I’ve had my Chuck Taylors for YEARS-so I know the price-per-wear will eventually be very low.

What do you think?



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Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

kamm pants

In the spirit of buying fewer but better things, I had to post about these pants.  I swear these #kammpants pop up on my Instagram feed multiple times a day.  Every girl looks effortlessly cool and relaxed while wearing them.  After a little poking around, I found they are the Sailor Pant by Jesse Kamm.  At $395 they are certainly not inexpensive, but I could seeing wearing them for years and years.  The come in many colors, but the chambray is pretty amazing.  I love they are made in Los Angeles by an independent designer.  I’m totally into them and will add them to my fall wish list.

Want to try them on and live in the Pacific Northwest?

Seattle- Baby & Company

Portland- Frances May




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Thursday, June 1st, 2017

about FEED | Where is June?

I am inspired by companies and brands who support a cause as part of their mission.  It is lovely to know that a purchase has a greater good.  In a continuing series, I will highlight these companies and the amazing causes they support.  Like always, if you know a brand that I should feature – please leave a comment or message me directly.

FEED is a company that helps feed children in need around the world.  It was started by Lauren Bush Lauren in 2007 in response to her travels and seeing hunger firsthand.  Every FEED product is stamped with a number that signifies the amount of meals or micronutrient provided with its purchase.  You know exactly what the impact your purchase will have in the world. Many of the meals provided are a school lunch, which for some children will be the only meal of the day.  With a school lunch provided, attendance increases and kids are in school more often.  The ripple effects are endless.

A few of my favorite products from the FEED site, but it was quite hard to choose:

Scarf/Saddle Bag/FEED 1 Bag/Tee


FEED recently opened the FEED Shop and Cafe in Brooklyn.  Such a fun way to sip coffee, buy a gift and do good for the world!


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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

closet detox | Where is June?

Long time readers might remember when I gave my little closet some love.  Well, my quest to simplify my closet and wardrobe continues.  The book, The Curated Closet, might change my life.  Ok, that might be overreaching.  Nonetheless, this beautiful book is a guide to finding your own personal style and building your dream wardrobe.  One chapter in particular jumped out at me and I think it’s a great place to start. A closet detox.  One must purge before one can rebuild.  I’m actually really good at this, but I know others find it really difficult.  Maybe the easiest question is to ask yourself, “Is this piece working?”  It’s a broad question, but one that gets down to it.  {Here are a few other ideas to think about when clearing out a closet.)  Once you detox, you will need to do something with your clothes.

In an attempt to reduce clothing waste, I’ve been researching ways to re-purpose my old clothes in thoughtful ways:

1. ThredUp

Ok, this isn’t a donation, but it’s a great option.  ThredUp is an online consignment store.  They will send you a large bag {postage paid}.  You load up the bag with clothes that are new or like new and send it back.  You are paid for some items right away and others you will be paid once the item sells.  The site is amazing and I plan to shop it once my hiatus is over.  Yes, you could take your clothes to local consignment store and that is a great option.  But honestly, this method fits into our lives easily.  More questions?  I found their FAQ very helpful.

2.  Madewell Denim Recycle

Take an old pair of denim to a Madewell store.  The company partners with Blue Jeans Go Green to recycle jeans into housing insulation.  Plus, they will give you $20 off a new pair of jeans.  Win-Win!

3.  Dress for Success

Donate professional clothing, shoes, accessories, and outerwear to this amazing charity.  This organization gives impoverished women professional attire to secure employment. This a perfect place to donate “work clothes” you no longer need!

4.  Local Women’s Shelter

Find a women’s shelter in your city that is in need of clothing for women and donate directly.  Mary’s Place in Seattle is wonderful option to directly impact women in our area.

Do you have other ideas on how to donate consciously?  I’d love to hear from you.




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Thursday, January 19th, 2017


{That black jump suit.  I mean…}

Before it closed, I was able to see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.  I wish I had gone earlier during its run because I would have loved to have gone back!  Either way, it literally took my breath away.  Admittedly, I think of fashion art, so this exhibit spoke to me.  Yves Saint Laurent was a true artist.  From his sketches, to the dresses, to the way he incorporated modern art and mood into his collections-it was obvious he was a genius and his medium just happened to be clothing.  His genius is timeless.  Many of gowns could be worn on the red carpet today and the celebrity would land herself on the the best dressed list.  Quality and details matter.  In the age of fast fashion- fit, craftsmanship, and detailing is often overlooked.  He painstakingly chose fabrics and added details that make his work inspiring.

Here a few of my favorite snap shots from the exhibit {all taken on my iPhone}:

YSL sketch 1

sketch 2

YSL sketch 3

There were hundreds of his sketches from collections spanning decades.  He sketched each gown or ensemble and added fabric swatches for each creation.


Any one of these pieces could be worn today!  The prints, draping and details feel so modern.


The 1980’s, in all its absolute grandeur!  That bow.

modern suiting

Modern suiting at its finest.  I’d love to see an actress rock that modern tuxedo at a movie premier!  The cuffs and collar {heart eyes!}


The showstopper.  She stood alone.  In a room of Andy Warhol paintings.  Simple, but so edgy!

I’m eager to watch this film about Yves Saint Laurent.  Like any artistic genius, he was tormented much of his life.  After seeing his work, I am so curious to know more about him.


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Tuesday, January 10th, 2017


Like any good girlfriend, I’ve got to give you the heads up on a great sale over at Madewell. All sale items are an additional 40% off when you use the code BIGSALE. This is not a sponsored post.  Just quality merch and an amazing deal.  I mean sneakers for $35?!?

A few of my favorites//  Flea Market Jeans | Saucony Sneakers | Peplum Top | Felt Fedora

Don’t forget the code at check out.  What would you put in your cart??



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Tuesday, October 18th, 2016


Is there anything worse than shopping for a swim suit?  No there is not!  I realize that it isn’t summer and finding a new suit might be the furthest thing from your mind, but I beg you to consider taking a peek at Victoria’s Secret.  It looks as though VS is discontinuing their Swim line and everything is ridiculously discounted.  With bottoms as low as $2.99 and tops at $14.99, you can even grab one item to go with a suit you already own.  Even sale items can be returned, so fill your basket, try them on at home, and maybe strike gold!

Plus, when summer rolls around (or your winter trip to the sun) you will be ready!

I love this top and these bottoms!


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Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

closet clear out | Where is June?

We have distinct seasons here in the Pacific Northwest.  With a shift in weather, comes a shift in wardrobe.  I see this time as a perfect cue to clear out my closet.

I have had several of you ask me for help with your closets.  The hard part is knowing where to start.  In our busy lives, a formula is always welcome.  While I have not written a best seller, I am pretty good at clearing out my closet.

If you remember, I created a storage system when I gave my closet some love.  Clothes and shoes that I am not currently wearing find a home in storage containers for a few months. Clothes move in and out of my closet based on the season.  You may not have this system in your home, but the process will be the same.  Every article of clothing must be closely considered.  Does the item stay or go?  This is where it gets really difficult.

Here are the things I consider:


Simply, it must fit.  For me I can’t keep something that doesn’t fit anymore. This is sometimes painful and sad.  {Please note, I’m not talking about it being a bit snug because that can change by the week or day.}  If you aren’t sure, try it on and look at yourself in the mirror.  Does it flatter your shape?  Do you feel good in it?  Does it button or zip easily?  If the answer is no to any of those questions, it is time to let it go.  If you have recently lost weight and the piece is too large, please don’t wear it anymore.  Either have a tailor alter it for you or pass it along.  You deserve clothes that fit you well.


Carefully inspect each piece.  Is it in good shape?   Is it missing buttons or is the hem coming loose?  Some problems are easy to fix and will give life back to your clothes.  However, sometimes it is just time to say good bye.  Even if you absolutely love a blouse, you can’t wear it if it has a large stain.  Sweaters don’t look great once they have lost their shape.  Shoes get old.  I recently just gave away two of my most favorite pair of pumps.  They were past their prime and starting to look a tad tacky.  Was I sad?  Yes.  Did they need to go?  Yes.


Yes, it is true.  Everything eventually comes back into style.  However, it usually takes twenty years or so.  Are you really going to hold onto that pair of jeans until they are back in fashion?  I hope your answer is no.  There are true classics and they can be great from year to year.  However, it may be time to update your black pants or blazer.  If you tend to buy trend pieces, you need to be extra critical.  {I find that these pieces only stay in my closet for a couple of years.}

Do I wear it?

This should be your final question, always.  Do I wear it?  Honestly.  If you don’t wear it, what is the point of keeping it?  Buyers remorse might be involved here, but you just have to get over that.


If you have done your job well, there is a pile of clothes that need a new home.  I make two piles:  charity and consignment store.  If you believe that someone else would pay money for a few items {usually name brand}, consider taking them to a consignment shop.  You earn a little cash and this often times makes the process easier.  Off brands or older items can quickly and easily be given to a thrift store or charity.  Put them in your car right away so you don’t second guess yourself.

If you have questions, please leave a comment or shoot me an email  I will help in any way I can!  You can do this!


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