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Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Last summer we found the Seattle Pinball Museum in the International District.  It is a working collection of vintage pinball machines.  The oldest dating back to the 1930’s.  The greatest part of this museum???  You can play each and every machine!  It was super chill afternoon activity!  Although we went in the summer, winter is the perfect time to go with kids. ( Please note: you must be 7 or older to play the games.)  I also think it would be a great start to a night out with friends or a cool spot for a corporate event.  To add to the fun vibe, they sell vintage sodas, snacks, beer & cider.  You pay an admission entry and play for as long as your heart desires!

Just a few extra pictures from our fun afternoon.  My little retro-gamer gave it two thumbs up.  He, of course, would have loved a few more old school arcade games (they have a few), but he made the best of it.



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Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

100 pound clam | Where is June?

Suffering through a Seattle winter is payed in spades come summer!  Last week {when if felt like summer} a friend and I had the most enjoyable afternoon!  I thought I would share it- so you could add it to your summer TO-DO-List and maybe discover Local Gems.  Great for couples, girlfriends or your whole family.

We started by renting a kayak from Moss Bay. They also rent paddle boards and sailboats, but we chose a double kayak so we could paddle and chat!  The day was perfect and it was so nice to be on the water.  You paddle by floating homes, Gasworks Park, and enormous yachts.  With Seattle’s skyline as the backdrop it doesn’t get much better!

moss bay

After our paddle, we treated ourselves to lunch at 100 Pound Clam.  {It is literally 3 steps away from Moss Bay!}  With the best spot on Lake Union and float planes landing in the back ground, it’s THE place for a summer lunch.  I highly recommend the dill fries, the fried corn, and the Fishwich BLT- but honestly it’s all delicious!  On a warm NW day, the picnic tables and a crisp Rose will be waiting for you.

food |Where is June?



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Thursday, November 20th, 2014

throwback thursday

Who doesn’t love a throw back Thursday?  I thought it might be interesting to put my own spin on #TBT!  Often times I write a post and then have more to say about the topic after the fact.  Whether it be new information, a total fail, or a shift in thinking.  This week I am following up on five posts from the past.

Purple Hair.  Don’t care?

I loved the comments on this post.   Encouragement to just go for pastel purple hair made me smile!  However, it turns out coloring my dark brunette locks pastel purple would take a good deal labor.  First I would need to bleach all the color out of my hair. Only then could a colorist add the purple.  Often the color isn’t quite right so the process has to be repeated.  It makes more sense for me to have a darker, deep shade of purple.  Not sure if I like that look.  So for now, my hair will remain brown.  Not because I think I am too old for purple locks, but because it just sounds like a ton of time and energy that I would rather spend elsewhere!

Mom Uniform: Rainy Day Field Trip

When I build a mom uniform, I use items I already own and also include pieces that would be great additions to my closet.   These Tommy Hilfiger boots are the perfect example.  Oh, those boots!  I did in fact order them online, but my spirits were crushed when they arrived.  These beauties were built for girls that live in places where it doesn’t actually rain.  The top of the boots were so large the Seattle rain would have just poured in -soaking my socks and creating misery.  Sadly, they were returned.  Girls in California, scoop these up!

All Things Seattle

Trove, a restaurant which I included in the round up of All Things Seattle, was just voted restaurant of the year by Eater Seattle.  Now I MUST make a date to check it out!!

Chalkboard wall. Yes or no?

It was a resounding YES!  Everyone commented positively about chalkboard walls in the home.  What the hell, it’s just paint.  Luckily, my sister-in-law has the perfect formula for painting a chalkboard wall.  I am going for it!  I promise to post once I get this project done.

Mom Uniform: Mixed Prints

I may have just found the most perfect plaid shirt for this mom uniform.  If you remember this uniform included mixing plaid and animal print.  This J.Crew plaid shirt is made from the coziest flannel.  It has a longer cut, so it was perfect with my new faux leather leggings.  Paired with my Steve Madden slip-on sneakers, it is still a favorite uniform!!


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Friday, October 24th, 2014


AND it’s Friday!  Perfect time to plan a little something fun-whether it’s a new place to eat or a whole weekend away!  I hope that I can inspire you to go out and enjoy this glorious city of ours!  xoxo-d


While I am sure it is fantastic at TreeHouse Point in the summer, I am drawn to want to stay there in the blustery months.  This tree house bed and breakfast in Fall City is the stuff big kids’ dreams are made of…..


Trove , owned by Rachael Yang, on Capitol Hill is 4 shops in one.  Parfait, Noodles, BBQ and a Bar.  Eager to try this spot!  If it is anything like her other restaurants {Revel & Joule} I know I will love it!


The latest exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, Pop Departures, makes my heart beat faster!


Everyone is taking about The Boys in the Boat.  It’s the story of the University of Washington’s 1936 eight-oar crew and their epic quest for an Olympic gold medal.  Go DAWGS!


Paper Hammer has a store front in downtown Seattle, but it’s heart is in Tieton, WA.  Read about Ed Marquand and his unique paper goods shop.


Most tourist will hit the Space Needle, but the Smith Tower is another spot to take in the gorgeous sights of our magical city {at a fraction of the cost}!  It just celebrated its 100th birthday.  The observation deck is open most days form 10am-5pm.

I {heart} Seattle.

More ideas:  All THINGS SEATTLE V.1


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Friday, October 17th, 2014

little uncle Seattle

Last week I had jury duty for two days in downtown Seattle. Following the judges’ instruction I did now tweet, post or comment on social media about my days of service.  {Such a rule follower!}  One perk of jury duty is the hour and half lunch breaks.  On day 2 I ventured with a few of my fellow jurors to Pioneer Square for a bite to eat!  Lucky for us, we found Little Uncle.

I instantly fell in love with the space the moment I walked down the stairs.  The space was casually cool and very comfortable.  Tons of exposed brick, a library, and a sofa and coffee table.  For those of you who may have partied in Pioneer Square {years and years ago} it occupies the space that was once Marcus’ Martini Bar.  Only open for lunch, the menu is small but mighty!  I ordered the Phad Thai.  The portion size was perfect for lunch and came with individual packets of red chili flakes, sugar, and peanuts.  You could make your dish as spicy or as sweet as you liked!  The show stopper was the house made Hibiscus Lime Soda!  Seriously, amazing.

Little Uncle is certainly worth a trip at lunch time.  For those of you traveling to Seattle, it would be the perfect spot for lunch before or after the Underground Tour!

little uncle seattle

And a quick shot in the Halls of Justice.  The floors were spectacular.

halls of justice

Have a great weekend!  xoxo denise


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Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

the herb farm

On Sunday evening, Aaron and I had the chance to dine at The Herbfarm.  Located a short drive northeast of Seattle, it is quite the experience.  It was a gorgeous day and we were able to tour the herb gardens before dinner under blue skies.  The tour, given by one of the owners, was quite educational.  Did you know that tulip petals are edible?  Me either.  They taste a bit like spinach.

Seating was at 4:30 and so began our 9-course meal!  The theme for the evening was A Walk in the Woods-An Exploration of Foods and Flavors from the Early Spring Woods.  The chef and Sommelier gave us a detailed description of each course and its wine pairing.

Herbfarm Menu

I consider myself pretty adventurous with food, especially if I don’t have to cook it.  The beauty of The Herbfarm is that you make no decisions, so the adventure just comes to you!  The menu is set and the wine is chosen.  You just have to sit back and enjoy!  My favorites were the first two courses and the last (although the cod and a mini-grilled cheese were amazing as well!).  A deep-fried farm, fresh egg?  Uh, yes please!  Every dish was beautifully presented.   The variety of service ware was unbelievable.  Each dish or plate perfectly complimented the course being served.  {It’s all in the details.}  The meal lasts about 4 hours, so I took a half-time break and went out to feed The Herbfarm pigs.  It felt great to stretch my legs, walk a bit and catch the last moments of sunlight.

I wanted to take pictures of all the courses, but I got distracted.  And let’s be honest, iPhone photos of food in a dimly lit room are not always appetizing.  I had to include my snapshot of our last course {Roots and Twigs}, french pressed coffee, and the last glass of wine.  The color is off, but you get the idea.


Looking for a splurge?  Celebrating in a big way?  I am telling you, The Herbfarm is the place.  Or if you want to go on a random Sunday night for no reason at all…..that’s good too!


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Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

t. drink. stay. shop. SEATTLE

Seattle is an amazing place to live!  In the coming months, I hope to share quick lists of places and happenings around our grand city!  This is my first installment of All Things Seattle.

DO:  The exhibit SPY: The Secret World of Espionage opens at Pacific Science Center on March 29, 2014.  Guests will see real gadgets and artifacts from spies and spy catchers. They will observe spy technologies and learn the tools-of-trade, some recently declassified. This once-in-a-lifetime exhibition grants guests unprecedented access into the world of espionage.  My kids will love this!

DRINK:  Grab a drink and some small bites at Westward.  Situated on the north end of Lake Union, this darling restaurant has sweeping views of Downtown Seattle.  This is going to be the place to be once the warm weather arrives.  Their day dock and amazing patio will make it the hot spot!  With an outdoor fire pit you can reserve for private gatherings, it may just be the place to hang out – RIGHT NOW!

STAY:  The Iron Springs Resort on Copalis Beach, WA seems like the prefect getaway from the city!  This resort, with fully furnished cabins, is the right mix of rustic charm and modern comfort.  I bet any season would bring breathtaking views and great adventures!

SHOP Ann Sacks Tile & Stone recently opened a showroom in Seattle on Westlake Ave.  I hope to plan a field trip so that I may swoon over her dreamy tiles and fixtures.

EAT:  I am dying to try a biscuit at The Wandering Goose.  I love having breakfast out during the week.  Maybe I can have my sweet hubby schedule me in for a “breakfast meeting”.  No sitter required.  Win-Win!

DOPuzzle Break – Seattle sounds like an awesome night out with friends!  You and eleven other people are trapped in a room. As you look around you start to notice strange messages —or are they clues?— hidden around the room. Can you and your friends solve the puzzles, find the key, and get out within an hour?

I hope you find this post fun and inspiring.  Get out and enjoy our city.  Don’t live in Seattle?  Plan a trip!  Do you have other ideas for places to eat, shop, drink, play, or stay?  Please leave me a comment, message me, or tag me @seattlejune with the spot and use #allthingsseattle.

{Space Needle art via The Lady Wolf}


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Tuesday, June 25th, 2013


A recent trip to the Pike Place Market marked our first visit to Seattle’s Gum Wall.  It is located in Post Alley under Pike Place Market.  [Find Rachel the Pig and go down a short flight of stairs.  Turn right at the bottom and you are there.]

Visually, it is striking.  Colorful and textured.   Standing back from it you almost forget it is chewed gum.  Almost.  The boys couldn’t visit without leaving their mark.  Will jumped right in and stretched his gum long and left it dangling from a pipe.  Little Man was apprehensive, but eventually went for it.  He really wanted to shape his gum into the letter H because he had noticed that some visitors had spelled out their name or messages and left them on the wall.  When it proved to be a tedious job he just stuck his next to his big brother’s.  I delicately stuck my piece to a very small empty space on the wall.

Being a tourist in your own city is a great way to spend a summer’s day.


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radiator whiskey

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek [and taste] at Radiator Whiskey Monday night.  There were thoughtful details, in every corner, that give this new space charm [and a little grit].  The staff is amazingly talented and welcoming.  The spirits plentiful.  And the food is fantastic.  Let it be said that the 1/2 smoked chicken and potato salad is to die for good!  On any given night out, I am certain this is going to be the place we end up over and over again.

The doors to Radiator Whiskey opened to the public yesterday at 4pm!  Go get some.
Check out RW @ 94 Pike Street | Seattle, WA

Radiator Whiskey:  A whiskey and cocktail bar brought to you by Dan Bugge of Matt’s in the Market, featuring custom and barrel-aged cocktails mixed using craft-distilled spirits, including local labels and a house-branded whiskey by Seattle’s 2bar Spirits.

{cool, old wood crates hold an endless selection of whiskey}
{the bar. built from salvaged high school football bleachers}
{vintage post office mail slots used as wine storage}
 {Radiator’s 2bar Moonshine}
{Radiator Whiskey is just up the stairs from the heart of the market.}

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

I am totally digging my new plan to meet up with friends.  I will call it my, “Let’s do breakfast.” plan.  Lunch is great, but it happens right in the middle of the day. [Funny how that works!].  With lots to do, meeting a friend right after I drop the kids off at school allows me ample time after to get sh*t done!  With a bit of rummaging, I have been finding some amazing places that serve mid-week breakfast.

I recently lingered over a breakfast at Oddfellows Cafe + Bar.  Exposed brick, repurposed furniture and fixtures, and tons of light make this Capitol Hill eatery comfortable and easy.  They are open 8am-late daily-with a full bar.  Breakfast was delicious, so I can only assume lunch and dinner would be too!  Oddfellows gains total bonus points being next door neighbors with Elliott Bay Book Co.  That is a perfect one, two punch!

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