May 27th, 2016

in the details no 20

And some how it is Memorial Day weekend.  The boys have exactly one month until summer break begins.  I think we might JUST make it!  I hope you have something planned for the long weekend.  We are spending time near the river in the woods.  Food, wine and babies!  I look forward to time holding my two month old nephew, while my unruly children shoot BB guns and throw rocks in the river for hours!

A collection that inspires and interests me this week:

1. Anjelica Houston and friend circa 1971.  Their patriotic style is everything.  I feel this picture could have been taken today!

2.  This garden mint candle fills the room with the most lovely scent almost instantly.

3.  My birthday is months away, but this rose gold bracelet will be on the top of the list.  It is even better in person!

4.  The 5 piece french wardrobe. A basic list, but so fantastic.

5.  I need to up my shorts game this summer.  Need to take a trip to the mall and try these on.

6.  Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Bars. That’s all.

7.  My grandfather Giuseppe Scarcello, an Italian immigrant.  He served in the US Army in WWI, which earned him United States citizenship.  Thank you to all who have served our country.  xoxo


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May 23rd, 2016

sunrise | Where is June

When you write, whether for a living or as a hobby, it is saddening when the words don’t come.  In the last few months I have started and not finished post after post.  During the day I would think to myself, “Oh, that would be a great idea for a post.”  Many days I didn’t have enough motivation to sit down and write.  Some days I would get started and not follow through.  The cycle was vicious.

I have written before about my self-diagnosed struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder {SAD}.   While I still haven’t seen a professional about it, I am 100% convinced that each winter I am faced with the crushing reality of being depressed.  It isn’t something that makes any sense.  My family is wonderful.  We are all healthy.  We have everything we need and then some.  From the outside it makes no sense to be sad.  However, it is impossible to talk yourself into shaking it off. {Believe me, I have tried.}  And while it is quite personal it is also quite real.  This year was exceptionally bad.  With a few extra concerns/battles piled onto my usual doldrums, this winter was unusually long and brutal.

The light is returning literally and metaphorically.  I am seriously hard wired to the sun.  I find joy in spending time with friends, loving on my boys, planning adventures, and laughing with my husband.  After too many months of being sedentary, I begin the slow road back to being fit.  I plan to write more consistently but in the spirit of being kind to myself, it won’t be everyday.   While there isn’t immediate recovery, new things like acupuncture, yoga, and mediation are helping me fight my way back to happy.

I hope you are well.  Thank you for reading and being supportive of my little corner.


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April 19th, 2016

mom uniform baseball ready| Where is June?

While it may be a bit too predictable, I can see that I truly have created a uniform.  With a dramatically edited closet, basics become your best friends!  Have you ever tried to describe your style? It is hard to put into words.  {At least it is for me.}  My style…..  Casual, cool?  Laid-back, rocker?  Minimal edge?  Finally, after years of loving fashion and shopping, I have slowly discovered the pieces that truly look the best on my body and a style that I love.  It is fun to get dressed!

OK!  On to the real point of this post, my latest mom uniform.  We are officially into the thick of little league baseball season! With four games a week, I feel like I am always in the bleachers.  The uniform must be sporty and comfortable, but of course stylish.

Let’s break down the essential pieces to this uniform:

Distressed, mid-rise skinnies

Old Navy Rock Star mid-rise skinny jeans are kind of perfect.  They have lots of stretch and the price point is fantastic!  Don’t worry… the mid-rise isn’t too high, but kindly covers my middle-aged tummy. Because let’s be honest.  Low rise jeans hit in JUST the wrong spot for women who have given birth.  {Or at least most of them!}

Feminine, pink raglan sweatshirt

This sweet, Who What Wear pink sweatshirt is great for layering.   I would wear it with a long ribbed tank underneath.

Black, lightweight bomber jacket

I am in love with this bomber jacket!  {Admittedly, I now own three bomber jackets. There may be a problem brewing.}  The sleeves are not lined, so they can easily be pushed up.  It is cropped in just the right way and is effortlessly cool.

Gray sneakers

Needing these New Balance sneaks!  The color is perfect for NW rainy, spring weather.  Simple and retro awesome!  And of course, comfortable.

Rose gold aviators

Sadly, my aviators are probably entering their last season.  I adore them, but Ray-Ban doesn’t make the size/style anymore.  These rose-gold aviators from J.Crew might be the perfect replacement.


In full disclosure, my usual “game uniform” is skinny jeans, 10 year-old UGG boots, fleece, Patagonia puffy jacket, baseball hat, Patagonia rain shell, running gloves and a waterproof blanket.  Living in Seattle in the spring is not glamorous or for the faint of heart.  The above uniform is for those few days that sun shines and the temp rises above 60 degrees.


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January 26th, 2016

street style my style | Where is June?

While killing time last week, I stumbled upon an image and the most amazing pair of shoes.  Now I’d love to say that I could justify a lace up pair of suede heels, but reality sets in and I realize I would probably get to wear them twice a year-at most.  They are to-die-for, but don’t fit into my very casual existence.  However, I couldn’t stop thinking about them and wanted to find something similar that I could wear on a regular basis.  Thankfully Steve Madden had me in mind and also designed a more casual sandal with the same amazing leather wrap lacing.  {He is the affordable shoe whisperer!}

So “my style” with the my new gorgeous sandals include, a simple black tank, denim shorts, a woven fedora and my very favorite glasses.  I can’t wait to throw all of these in my bag next month! We are heading to Hawaii for break and I am counting the days!

Street Style inspiration from Walk in Wonderland.


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January 19th, 2016

wanderlust nashville | Where is June?

Not all who wander are lost.  I have recently come to love that phrase.  Though I was never that girl who threw a change of clothes in a backpack and just took off-I have come to crave travel and discovering a new place.  My husband usually shakes his head at me.  Lucky for me, the boys are slowing getting the travel bug as well and three against one is beneficial for my cause.

Aaron, Big W, and I have been watching Sonic Highways.  A documentary created by the band Foo Fighters that W got for Christmas.  He loves music and this documentary follows the band as they visit eight cities in the United States as they record the album Sonic Highways.  In each city they explore the the music scene, which is totally fascinating.  This weekend we watched the episode featuring Nashville.  All three of us agreed, we should GO!  We have added it to the short list of places to visit.

Topping our list of places to visit is The Bluebird Cafe.  A small cafe that has live music every night.  They play in the round and features original music by songwriters.  In the episode, natives shared that playing the Bluebird was rite of passage in Nashville.  What else could we do and see?  Of course there is the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry, but like any city there are hidden gems.

Have you been to Nashville?  I’d love to hear all of your “insider” information!

Nashville photo by @4corners via TripAdvisor


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January 15th, 2016

in the details no 18 | Where is June?

Not sure how we are mid-way through January, but we are on the downhill slide into February.  The beginning of a new year always brings renewed desire for creativity.  I’m always looking.  We are about to tackle a bathroom remodel, so I’m back on the hunt for inspiration in design.  I’m also facing swim suit shopping in my near future.  Pretty sure trying on swim suits can, and should be, classified a form of torture for middle aged women.  {More on that FUN topic in the near future!}  What are you up to this weekend?  Our town is Seahawk crazy again!  Hoping for a big win on Sunday.

Here is what has me inspired and interested this week:

1.  I {heart} snowy evergreens!  I’m heading up to ski with a girlfriend today.  If all goes well, I will post a thumbs-up picture on Instagram.

2.  An ingenious way to hang and display the most amazing lights!  {Emily Hendrson is magic.}

3.  Kind of digging the neutral woven chair.  I think I have a chair/lust problem.

4.  A bright rug.  It would brighten any entry way or office!

5.  On to List #2 of The 52 Lists Project.  {List your favorite characters from books and movies.}

6.  Everyone is on a cleanse and all I can think about is doughnuts!

7.  Street Style.  Long coat, ripped faded denim, oxfords.


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January 12th, 2016

52 Lists Project | Where is June?

I am super excited about The 52 Lists Project. The buzz surrounding this book is BIG.  It has been featured on many websites and a several magazines.  Pretty sure once it was featured in O Magazine its best selling fate was sealed!  Written by Morrea Seal , it is a journal of lists to be completed throughout the year.  The photographs and illustrations are beautiful, plus lists are easy to write.  The list topics range from the wildest things you want to try to things that always cheer you up.  Fun, right? My perfect spot to write my lists would be a cozy cafe during a mid-week morning.  While that won’t always be possible, carving out time each week just for this purpose seems completely doable.

winter lists | Where is June?

During the holidays this book was literally impossible to get.  {Amazon was even on back order!}  My local book seller ordered me multiple copies but they didn’t arrive in time for gift giving.   SO, I have an extra copy and have decided to give it away to one of my readers!  If you are inspired to be part of The 52 Lists Project, please enter!  I would love to send you a copy.

How to enter:

The first list in the book asks you to list your goals and dreams for the year.  Leave a comment below that includes a goal you have for the year or something you would like more of in 2016.  Please leave your comment by NOON on Wednesday, January 13, 2016.  One winner will be chosen by random drawing.

Good luck!

**{UPDATE}  Congratulations, Becky!

This giveaway is hosted by me because I love my readers!  xoxo


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January 11th, 2016

the year of more | Where is June?

2016 is well underway and I am ready for a year of more!  I have written before that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  They always seem to elicit guilt and our world doesn’t need more people feeling guilty, especially women.  Every year I make a list of all the things I would love in the upcoming year. Sometimes they are big and some are small.  They are always things that will make me smile.  This year I want four things in abundance: challenges, adventure, health, and family.


tips up | Where is June?

Continuing to challenge myself is what keeps me motivated and excited for each new season.  This year I have challenged myself to learn to ski.  After four seasons doing the lodge bunny thing, I am ready to be part of the fun.  While I don’t see black diamonds in my future, it has been such a thrill to ride the chair lift with my boys, chatting and talking without any interruptions.  That time alone is worth the embarrassment of learning something new at 41.  Here’s hoping for an injury free season.


iguazu falls adventure | Where is June?

At this time last year a trip to Argentina was not on the calendar.  I had never heard of Iguazu Falls.  How wonderful to have experienced this amazing spot with my sweet husband and to have this “after” picture to remember it.  Not all adventures need to be this grand {or so far away}.  Where will our next adventure take us?


Continued health for my family and myself is always at the forefront of my mind.  Being healthy trumps all else, doesn’t it? Lucky for me being active makes me really happy.  And spending time with my friends is a really great bonus!  I am looking forward to more fun surrounding being healthy together.  A highlight of 2015 was breaking the 1:50 barrier at the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon.  This video perfectly sums up the energy of the race.  {Pay close attention around the 1:04 mark!}  Can’t wait to run it again in August!



family fun | Where is June?

Actually, time with this crazy crew is all I really need!  We are not perfect.  It isn’t always pretty.  But building memories with my three boys is what fills my heart.  They make me feel most complete.  They are my best friends in every sense of the word.

2016, let’s do this.

PS.  My lists in 2013, 2014, & 2015


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December 18th, 2015

down to the wire | Where is June?

Oh boy, it’s getting real!  Time is ticking and you are running around like a crazy person.  You are existing on little sleep, too much caffeine, and not enough workouts.  You have lists.  Many lists.  With only a week until the big holiday, it is somewhat risky ordering something online.  I thought I would share a few “down to the wire” gift ideas that I have seen while out and about.  Many are still available for shipment as well.   In my opinion, they are all winners!

1.  Instax camera.  Instant camera fun for kids, teens and adults.  Shake it like a…..

2.  Pocket square.  For the gentleman in your life.  Keep him classy.

3.  Marble candle.  Smells woodsy and looks beautiful on your bedside table. #targetdoesitagain

4.  Faux fur vest.  In black or pink, this little vest is fantastic.

5.  Wild Hog Popper.  The gift of the season, in my opinion.  Tons of creatures to choose from.

6.  Salted caramels.  Good food is always a great gift.  Buy local.  Shop small.

7.  Swell water bottle.  Keeps liquids cold or hot.  Many colorways for everyone on your list.

8.  The 52 Lists Project.  A diary of lists.  Out of stock at Amazon, but many stores have it stocked.


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December 17th, 2015

headbanz holiday edition | Where is June?

We are once again hosting a holiday meal on Christmas Eve for our family.  Every year I try to think of a new idea to keep the cousins on their toes.  When they were really little I covered the entire table with kraft paper and left cups of crayons out for them.  They aren’t so little anymore {plus my boys never colored}, but they do love to laugh together. This year we are going to play a holiday edition of Hedbanz.  If you aren’t familiar with the game, each player wears a headband and tries to guess the card on his or her forehead.  We will use the blue headbands but the “playing cards” will be holiday themed.  I will brainstorm people, places and objects associated with winter and Christmas. A few I have thought of so far: Santa, Frosty, candy canes, Christmas tree, North Pole, stockings, hot cocoa, Rudolph, the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who.  Can you think of any others?

Keeping with the holiday theme, I plan to write the words on gift tags.  {That is very OCD of me and is certainly not necessary!}  Kids and adults love the original version of this game, so I hope it will be a big hit!   With a few cocktails it should make for great fun.

santa headbanz holiday edition | Where is June?

A few nights ago the boys were sweet enough to model for me and then we played a few rounds.  Little Man wasn’t too thrilled about being a Unicorn.  I was very comfortable with my hot dog persona.

headbanz | Where is June?

We are looking forward to an evening filled with laughter.  What games do you like to play with your family during the holidays?  I would love to hear!

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