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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

The Wendell Home | Where is June?

While there are no specifics finalized, we have purchased airline tickets to Nashville ….so this trip is finally happening.  As I began my search for lodging I stumbled upon The Wendell Home.  This Airbnb home is a minimalist’s dream come true.  I seriously cannot stop looking at the pictures.  {I’ve included a few here, but you must look at all of them in the listing!}.  The home gets a 5-star review, which isn’t surprising!  A couple of my travel mates are not sold on staying in a house instead of a hotel {including my husband}.  I love the idea of staying in a neighborhood and exploring shops and restaurants off the main tourist strip! All the other stuff is just a Lyft ride away.  I may just book it and surprise them.  I mean, how could we go wrong with this house?

Wendell Home | Living

3c1191b8-ee7a-4a05-a769-b41e4f6969a4 bathmud room

Hoping to catch some live music at The Bluebird Cafe and see the Grand Ole Opry.  Any other Nashville suggestions?

photos via The Wendell Home on Airbnb




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Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

wanderlust nashville | Where is June?

Not all who wander are lost.  I have recently come to love that phrase.  Though I was never that girl who threw a change of clothes in a backpack and just took off-I have come to crave travel and discovering a new place.  My husband usually shakes his head at me.  Lucky for me, the boys are slowing getting the travel bug as well and three against one is beneficial for my cause.

Aaron, Big W, and I have been watching Sonic Highways.  A documentary created by the band Foo Fighters that W got for Christmas.  He loves music and this documentary follows the band as they visit eight cities in the United States as they record the album Sonic Highways.  In each city they explore the the music scene, which is totally fascinating.  This weekend we watched the episode featuring Nashville.  All three of us agreed, we should GO!  We have added it to the short list of places to visit.

Topping our list of places to visit is The Bluebird Cafe.  A small cafe that has live music every night.  They play in the round and features original music by songwriters.  In the episode, natives shared that playing the Bluebird was rite of passage in Nashville.  What else could we do and see?  Of course there is the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry, but like any city there are hidden gems.

Have you been to Nashville?  I’d love to hear all of your “insider” information!

Nashville photo by @4corners via TripAdvisor


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Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

travel argentina

On our recent trip to Argentina, we took a mid-week excursion from Buenos Aires.  We jumped on a local airline and visited the town of Puerto Iguazu and the astonishing Iguazu Falls.  These amazing falls occur at the borders of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.  We did not apply for a Brazilian visa, so we stayed on the Argentinian side of the falls.

The flight, although only 90 minutes, was the most turbulent flight I have ever experienced.  It was no joke! We arrived in the early afternoon to a torrential, sub-tropical downpour.  After checking into our hotel and planning our trip to the falls the following day, we waited out the rain and then ventured into town.  Puerto Iguazu was very different from the hustle of Buenos Aires.  Small businesses lined the streets and it definitely had a small town feel.  The people were incredibly kind and children played on the side walks. We had an extremely fun day and all of us count the time we spent there as one of the highlights of the trip. A completely different side of Argentina and certainly worth experiencing.

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina | Where is June?

Our trip was really short – basically 24 hours -and we didn’t have much time at Iguazu Falls.  In hindsight, our departing flight should have been much later in the day so that we could have really had time to see the entire park.  We made the most of the time we had there and went for the “extreme” experience.  Boarding a 4 x 4 for a trek through the jungle, we bounced for a few miles down to the river.  We stuffed all of our belongings into dry bags, which coincidentally were soaking wet on the inside, and braced ourselves.  A boat ride took us upriver and through some really fun rapids. Then we caught a glimpse of the enormous falls in the distance.  No picture can do these falls justice.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina | Where is June?

The view of the falls from the water was breathtaking, but the view of the falls INSIDE the falls was exhilarating.  Imagine someone turning on a fire hose and shooting it straight at you.  While I would have loved to open my eyes and see the what it looked like-it was virtually impossible.  There was lots of screaming and tons of laughing.  It was really quite something. We should have brought our GoPro.  The footage would be really fun to have.  After departing the boat, we had time to walk the trails.  The views from land were also fantastic, albeit a little dryer.  Would I recommend allowing someone to drive you into these falls?  YES!  Would I recommend a swim suit, poncho and a set of dry clothes for after? YES!  However, the after shots of us soaking wet make me giggle.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina | Where is June?

The surrounding park was filled with trails, monkeys and more vantage points of the falls.  A train takes you to the top with a lookout and viewing deck.  We didn’t have time to get up there, but the pictures we saw highlight exactly how much water is coming over the top.  A TON!  Iguazu Falls are truly a natural wonder of the world.  If you find yourself in Argentina {or Brazil} I highly recommend it!


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Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

travel argentina

We spent a week in Buenos Aires last month and we couldn’t have asked for a better trip.  Why Argentina you ask? Aaron and I had once talked about going to Buenos Aires and then we had kids.  Needless to say, it has been on the list for quite awhile.  I luckily found three other couples excited and willing to travel to South America with us.  Oh and to end the trip -we planned to see Pearl Jam play live in concert. {This made the men very happy!}

First off, it is quite a journey to get to Buenos Aires.  From Dallas Fort-Worth, it is a 10 1/2 hour flight {11 hours on the way home}.  Luckily ours was an overnight flight.  So with a little bit of sleep, we hit the ground running once we arrived!

Click through for the highlights and photos from our trip…… (more…)

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Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

check or carry on luggage | Where is June?

We leave for Buenos Aires in just four days.  {Pinch me!}  One of my dear friends, who we are traveling with, has issued a challenge.  Carry on luggage only.  My husband has wholeheartedly accepted the challenge for me after lugging my enormous suitcase around Italy for two weeks.  I will admit that I packed too much on our trip to Europe.  We were gone for fifteen days and I had no idea what to take with me.  Now I have a better idea of what I like to wear in a large, international city.  It also helps that it is spring time in South America, so I won’t need big bulky clothing.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not going to be easy to do.  I am beginning to formulate a plan.  I think dresses will be my saving grace. However, what do I do about shoes?  Or outerwear?  Or beauty products?  The beauty products alone are nightmare.  Damn 3 oz. rule!  {I strongly believe that rule is discriminatory toward women.}

So I have to ask:

Do you carry on or check your luggage?  If you carry on, what are your tricks?! 


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Thursday, October 1st, 2015

San Giovanni in Fiore | Where is June?

{San Giovanni, Calabria}

This is Part 2 in a series of posts about my trip to Italy in 2014.  {Read Part 1/Roma here}

Calabria: Days 6 and 7

Leaving Rome, we headed south, 5 hours by train, to the region of Calabria.  Both of my grandfathers immigrated to the United States from Calabria.  Unbelievably, their towns happen to be only 30 km apart.  Prior to leaving on our trip I was able to connect with family and plan time in each town.  My cousin Elena, spoke English and was an immense help!  While in Rome my rusty Italian served us well.  In southern Italy it was a totally different story.  Very few residents spoke English and all of them spoke in a regional dialect, so it was almost impossible for me to communicate.  Aaron can tell an extremely funny story about my conversation with a cab driver in Cosenza.  I mistakenly asked for a 50 km cab ride instead of a ride to the train station.  Funny now, extremely stressful in the moment.

Click through to read more about our time in Southern Italy:


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Thursday, May 7th, 2015

roma trevi fountain

{Fontana di Trevi}

One year ago today I was arriving in Rome!  In May 2014, my husband and I took a two week trip to Italy.  My grandmother left me a small bit of money.  I wanted to use it for something that would make her happy.  Neither of us had been to Europe so this trip was extraordinary for us!  It has obviously been months and months since our trip, but I wanted to be really thoughtful when writing about this experience.  It was life-changing in some ways, stressful at times, and truly unforgettable.  I will post every week for the next several weeks, since our trip consisted of 3 distinct parts-all with their own amazing sights and memories.

Roma:  The Eternal City {Day 1-5}

Rome is an amazingly busy city!  Scooters zip by, cars navigate streets the width of a jogging path, and people fill the streets day and night.  We loved the energy and felt comfortable as soon as we arrived.  Aaron and I quickly learned how we DID NOT want to travel.  Our first two days in Rome were jam packed and crazed with historical sites and museums. And miles and miles of walking.  By the end of the night two, after we left the Vatican, we finally broke down and took our first cab.  As I leaned back in the seat to rest my head I muttered out loud, “If we do that again tomorrow, I will hate Italy and I will hate you.”  A lesson quickly learned:  You don’t need to see it all.

roma street fun

Click through to read more about our trip and all of my tips for Rome…. (more…)

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

destination italia

It’s official and I am freaking out!  My husband and I are traveling to Italy.  It has been a long time dream and now I finally have a ticket in hand.  Skipping backpacking through Europe may be one of my only regrets in life.  While others were sleeping on overnight trains and exploring all of Europe, I went right back to school and began work on my Masters degree.  Responsible, but not very adventurous.  Now we are going for it!  2 weeks, just us, and the enchanting country of Italy.

Our rough itinerary is set.  Fly into Rome and spend time exploring.    Travel to Southern Italy (Calabria) to visit my grandfathers’ villages and meet cousins who still live in the area.  Both of my grandfathers immigrated to the United States from Italy in the early 1900’s.  From there, travel to the Amalfi Coast and explore Positano, Capri, and Pompeii.  How amazing, right?

That is where you all come in!  I need all of your tips.  What is the inside scoop to Rome?  What should I pack?  How should we get around once we are in Italy {train or car}?  Should we stay in Positano?  What is the best way to communicate with boys when we are gone?  Have any secrets to getting over jet lag?  Apartment or hotel?  Guide books you found most helpful?

Any and all recommendations are wanted!  May can’t get here fast enough.



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Friday, February 28th, 2014

Lake McGillivray

I don’t downhill ski.  Funny thing is, my family takes a ski vacation every year.  What is a girl to do?  Snowshoe!  We just returned from a stay in Sun Peaks, Canada.  I spent our days there on my snowshoes taking in the sights!

I find my time snowshoeing relaxing and invigorating at the same time.  The views are often breathtaking.  The valleys are peaceful, yet the workout is strenuous.  This year I took on a challenge.  A 12km trek to a wilderness lake.  My friend Jeremy and I left the village at 10am and returned just after 4pm.  Yes, that is 6 hours on snowshoes.  Even with an hour break for lunch, it was still a hell of long walk in the snow.  We had heavy snow fall, then bright blue skies, and deep snow.  Our destination was McGillivary Lake.  Frozen over in the winter, we were able to walk onto the ice and snap some pictures.  We enjoyed a delicious warm lunch in the warming hut that our guide, Robert, packed for us.  We signed the Nordic log book and visited with the cross country skiers that were eating lunch as well.  Funny thing, they were all from the Seattle area.  Guess the snow is better in Canada!

I will admit the walk back was LONG and my left hip flexor was screaming.  By the end I was no longer chatting, but simply daydreaming of the beer that awaited me in the village.  Sore feet and muscles were certainly worth the awesome day we had on those advanced mountain trails!  The pictures don’t do this hike justice.

Lake McGillivary Canada

The rest of my trip was spent solo on shorter trails.  With my ear buds in and music pumping, I rarely saw another hiker.  I enjoyed the time alone.  And the views.  Man, I can’t get over the beauty of new snow and brilliant sunshine!  I feel so lucky to have found a sport to enjoy while my boys are making turns up on the mountain.  {A happy wife = a happy life.}

Sun Peaks on Snow Shoes

P.S.  We HIGHLY recommend Sun Peaks, Canada for a family ski vacation.  It has a wonderful village, tons of skiing, virtually no lift lines, and lovely people.  You truly can’t go wrong.  {Sun Peaks for life!}

Interested in the guided snowshoe tour to Lake McGillivary?  Book with Adventure Centre.  Robert was a fantastic guide!


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Monday, February 24th, 2014

fresh tracks

After a 9+ hour drive home yesterday, we officially hit the ground running this morning!  Our school calendar grants us one week in mid-February to get away from it all.  While some choose warm vacations, my guys prefer the slopes this time of year. Our trip was fantastic {more on our adventures later this week} but the coming home is ALWAYS the hardest part.  I mean look at that blue sky and those fresh tracks!

I am still trying to master the art of {re} entry.  What did I do this morning?  I got the kids up a bit earlier than usual. This gave us more time to get all of the essential tasks complete.  I filled their tummies with gooey cinnamon rolls.  While vacation is over, it is nice to have one last decadent treat to ease back into normal life.  Lastly, I reassured Little Man that returning to school/work is hard for everyone.  To go from skiing all day with your buddies to sitting all day at a desk is a tough transition.  A quick kiss and a reminder to “BE GREAT” and they were out the car door.

It usually takes a few days for life to return to normal.  What are your tricks to easing back into real life?

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