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Thursday, March 26th, 2020

I realize most of us are not getting out of sweats these days unless we have video conference. Which in that case, we change only our shirt and put a little lipstick on! So, chatting about a fashion subscription might seem a bit odd at first…but let me explain. In January, I decided to not purchase any NEW clothes in the year 2020. I could purchase used or vintage. (Let me add this does not include underwear, swimwear, and shoes.) I have done this before and it is a great way to figure out what you really love to wear and what you actually need. Scrolling through my Instagram feed one day a great outfit caught my eye and the caption included #nuuly. My interest was peeked and yes, social media marketing obviously works on me. Nuuly is a monthly fashion subscription from the stores/brands Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters. Here’s how it works:

Nuuly 101

*Choose Your 6

Four tops and the same dress in two sizes? Six pairs of jeans? One of everything? It’s your call.

*Wear Them On Repeat

They’re all yours for the next month. Don’t worry about laundry or repairs—it’s included in the plan.

*Buy, Return + Refill

If you fall in love with something, buy it. Send back the rest by your billing date and repeat.

Here’s what I love about it. It is exactly like shopping online. Unlike Stitchfix or other similar subscriptions, you are in total control of what you get every month. It does take time to browse and select items, but that is my jam. If you are going on vacation (hopefully….someday) you can get 6 items to take on your trip. Special event? Add in a formal piece that month. At the end of the month, if you love something you can buy it. And it works for my 2020 “no buy plan” because I buying something used. Items are 30-45% off retail price. This is what I ordered for this month and it just arrived yesterday:

The jump suit is something I really wanted in past months, but had not been available. (It’s awesome and I’ll probably purchase it.) The rest is for staying home. But that gorgeous, LoveShackFancy black top? That is for my virtual dinner with friends tomorrow night. I thought I’d get dressed up.

There is one con. If an item doesn’t fit or you don’t love how it looks, you cannot swap it for a different size or item. Last month I received the most darling jumpsuit, but the zipper wouldn’t budge. I contacted customer service and they credited my account $15. So it’s a bit of a gamble but in my opinion worth it! This month I received a total of $853 worth of clothes for my subscription cost of $88+ tax. Win-Win!


Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Let’s be honest, we have lots of hours to fill. While I am all for binge watching Love is Blind (I will absolutely not feel shame or guilt), I also crave things to listen and to watch that expand my understanding. Today I am offering a multi-media approach. A podcast, a TED Talk, and an feature film. You could absolutely have older kids listen and watch too. Or you can do this just by yourself!


Last December I listened to the episode “Can one person change the criminal justice system?” from the podcast Next Question with Katie Couric and was transfixed by her interview with Bryan Stevenson. I have heard her interview him before, but this episode seemed so timely and intensely important. I’m linking to the Stitcher page, but is can also be found on Apple Podcasts or wherever you can listen to Katie Couric’s podcast.


After listening to the interview, I came across this TED Talk that Stevenson gave in 2012. This man has been searching for justice for years. His passion and dedication are apparent. He wrote a book titled Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption in 2014. It details Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative and his work to help the wrongly condemned. (I guess you could actually listen, read, and watch! ) This memoir was recently developed into a feature film with the same name, Just Mercy. It stars Michael B Jordan and Jaime Fox. It’s digital release was moved up and is available to purchase now and will be available to rent digitally on March 24th. (We will still be home!) I find this man so incredibly inspiring. I can’t wait to watch the film.


Friday, March 13th, 2020

As we enter this “never been seen” world of social distancing, decision making becomes almost paralyzing. What is the right thing to do? After much discussion with my husband, we are fully accepting that life is literally put on hold and we will distance ourselves from others as much as we can. Our almost 16 year old is having a hard time wrapping his head around this, which is 100% understandable. I am certainly the bad guy this morning after saying no to a small gathering of friends. Together we will navigate uncertain times and make the very best of it!

I am hopeful that exercising everyday will help with the anxiety that is sure to come with a minimum of six weeks at home. This has more to do with my mental well being, than getting that elusive 6-pack at this point, but nonetheless it involves fitness and moving my body. I usually work out on my own in the gym, but I also take Pilates and Barre classes from amazing instructors. I am making the personal decision to only work out at home or outside. (I will continue to support my amazing friends/instructors anyway I can!) Lucky for me, I already use several apps that will make this transition a bit easier. I will include some ideas here in the post. However, I would love for each of my forthcoming posts to serve as a way to crowdsource ideas. Post all of your amazing resources below in the comments.

Apps to use at home (or in the gym):

Cycle Cast: I use this amazing app to do spin classes in the gym on my own. No Peloton needed! However, since I won’t be going to the gym I am going to try out the 30 minute interval runs that can be done outside. Cost: FREE 7-day trial. $9.99/ month.

Down Dog Yoga/HIIT/BARRE: I have used this app for years for yoga-at home and when I travel. It is truly amazing! Down Dog recently expanded to include HIIT workouts and Barre. Cost: Completely FREE through April 1st. They are offering this due to COVID-19. (Usually $7.99/month)

Other Ideas:

Where is June? Fitness Challenges: Check out the challenges we have done in the past. Core Challenge, Arms and Back Challenge, Booty Challenge. Cost: FREE

YouTube: There are so many workouts on YouTube it’s ridiculous. My favorite 60 minute Barre workout is by my dear friend Casey Brown. All you need is a chair and light hand weights. You will love this workout! Cost: FREE

Amazon Prime: There 100’s of exercise videos included with your Prime Video membership. Membership has it’s privileges. If you find one you like, please let me know! Maybe try a dance workout to make you happy! Cost: Prime Membership

How can you help your local businesses?

If you work out at a small boutique studio or gym, consider purchasing classes now that you will use in the future. One day, life will return to a “new” normal. (I’m not sure any of us will ever be the same.)

Be well. Spread Kindness. xo


Thursday, March 12th, 2020

Living in Seattle, the epicenter of COVID-19, is like nothing any of us have ever experienced. After Governor Inslee announced that all gatherings over 250 people will be banned in the Seattle area, the dominoes began to fall. First Seattle Public Schools announced they would close, which shocked the entire area. One school district after another began to announce their closures. Our district, the one in which I teach and my children attend, decided to close starting tomorrow. The closure has no end date and we were told to prepare for 5-6 weeks. It is truly unprecedented and should not be taken likely.

With all this time on my hands and a feeling of helplessness, I believe it is time for Where is June? to make a triumphant return. Writing and creating every day will keep me sane. Whether we like it or not, our screens will be our human connection for awhile. Let’s use our screens for good! I hope you will stop by often. I have ideas percolating, but I would love to hear your ideas. What kind of posts would you like to read? What would be helpful during this time? Leave a comment on this post, email me, or message me via Instagram. Let’s create an informative, entertaining, creative online community. Be well. Spread kindness. xo-d

**Updated at 2:20 3/12/2020 : Governor Inslee will announce that all schools in King, Pierce, and Snohomish county will be closed through April 24, 2020. That is a closure of 6 full weeks.


Tuesday, October 30th, 2018


True story.  As you may know, I purge my closet quite regularly. I shift items in and out as the seasons change and when I do many items end up being permanently removed.  About a month ago, I put away all of my summer staples (sniff, sniff) and to my horror the only thing left in my closet were black tops!  Why is it that any time I buy a new top……I choose BLACK?!  Boring and predictable.

So it got me to thinking.  Happy people have color in their lives.  I am a happy person.  I have made myself two promises:  1. Buy responsibly and 2. No more black.  While deciding on a color palette for my own closet, I explored a few options.  Yellow is interesting and inspiring in both clothing and in the home.  This mustard yellow is the bee’s knees.  Paired with dusty pink and black -it’s striking!  I thought I’d share a few images that gave me that creative spark.

Whimsy art work with a pop of yellow.  Wouldn’t this look great in an office?

Yellow pants, yellow boots, and that clutch (as an accent to pink)….I’m loving all of it!


Pairing yellow with moody dark walls or light and white.  Either way it’s a great statement in the home.

I ultimately decided this color yellow does not look great with my complexion….but I still love it so.  Maybe it will work for one of you??  What color(s) do you seem to buy again and again?  I’m super curious.




Friday, May 11th, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!  Mothering is combination of being in state of awe, confusion, joy, discontent, and fear.  But at its root, mothering is primal.  Last summer, Little Man and I had a very unsettling experience in a river.  For a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity, I felt like we were fighting for our lives.  My only instinct was to protect him and find safety for him.  I needed to get us out of that damn river.  Once I knew he was out of the water and unharmed, my body went into shock.  It took hours for the shaking to stop.   (I am now realizing that this is an extremely depressing story to write about prior to Mother’s Day.  Geeesh, sorry!) Not an experience I would ever like to repeat.  However, the river taught me something about myself.  I brought this precious life into the world and I would scratch, pull, hit and scream (with everything that is in me) to protect it.  I now know that for a fact.  When I get caught up in the frenzy of modern day parenting, I attempt to center myself by thinking about the long game.  Will this matter in 6 months, 3 years, 10 years?  For most things the answer is a resounding no.  For the rest, just do your very best and try to give yourself some grace.  Your children love you.  Flaws and all, you are their mama.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!  xo

And now on to lighter, happier images. (HA!)

1. I’m taking myself to see RBG this weekend …..while my boys see The Infinity Wars.  She is my kind of superhero!

2.  A gorgeous stack of rings by Dana Rebecca

3.  Salt and Straw is open in Seattle.

4.  Give me all the woven bags.  That strap!

5. Yep, still want a tattoo!  This moon is kind of perfect.

6.  Dinner!  Slow-Cooker Chicken Mole Tacos.

7.  Blush and Green and Cactus.  Spot on!

Happy Friday!




Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

This was such a fun post for me!  My sweet cousin, Tia, has become an urban flower farmer.  She is turning her passion of flowers and gardening into a woman-owned business.  In Bloom-Urban Flower Farm, located in Spokane, Washington, will offer weekly subscriptions to fresh flowers, bulk buckets, and flower arrangement parties. In Bloom also plans to be at local farmer’s markets. She asked me to help create an urban flower farmer uniform.  (I added the Bossylady!) How could I say no?  She wanted quick, easy options that would transition from garden, to workshop, to market with out a lot of fuss!  But of course she wants to look her best!  This is what I came up with:

In the Garden (pictured above): 

Her backyard is going to a magical world of flowers.  Time will be spent tending and harvesting in the garden.  Needing something easy-yet not precious since she is going to get dirty- I pulled together vintage denim and t-shirts (new could work as well), chic waterproof boots, and an apron.  She can throw on this easy uniform, down a cup of coffee, and get to work.

In the Workshop (below):

When she hosts evening flower arrangement classes, we cleaned it up a little.  A colorful or striped t-shirt with high rise denim.  AND my all time favorite idea……. the jumpsuit/coverall option.  This is probably a stretch for any of us, but it fits perfectly with her aesthetic!  I REALLY hope she goes for it.  Paired with retro sneakers and an apron, she will be ready for the workshop!

At the Market (below):

During the months that flowers are in bloom, she plans to be at the local farmer’s market.  It is usually very warm in Spokane during the summer months, so I wanted her to look great but still be comfortable.  Long cut-off denim shorts and a breezy shirt is the perfect combo.  A simple cotton dress could be equally easy and a great alternative to living in denim.  A short bistro apron -to stash all her cash -and amazing clogs finish the market uniform.


I am so proud of Tia!  Isn’t her logo just perfect?  If you live in the Spokane area, be sure to check out her amazing offerings.

PS// If you are interested in the sources for any of the pieces I selected, find them on my Bosslady Uniform board.



Friday, January 26th, 2018

I’m off on an adventure this weekend.  Lucky me, I get to spend three days skiing with my best girls.  No guys (or kids) allowed! I didn’t buy anything new for the trip, but it is the perfect excuse to create a new mom uniform.   If you know me and my friends, we are more chill than glam.  Jeans, boots, outer wear, and wide selection of hats are the only necessary items.  More time for apres ski- less time worrying about our hair.

Slim Beannie | Pom Pom | Patagonia Pom Pom | Trucker Hat

Camp Socks


Shearling coat | Jeans | Puffer

Fair Isle Sweater | Gray Cable Knit | Sorel Slimpack Boot | Sorel Conquest Boot



Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Does it feel like the last year has been one long winter?  As I watched election results in November 2016, I happened to be on the beautiful island of Maui.  It was strangely eerie being so far from the mainland, but the effects of our presidential election were immediately evident.  Everyone we saw that night (being 6 hours behind Eastern time we knew the results by after dinner drinks) appeared to be walking around in haze.  I sure was.

The next day as I laid by the pool, I felt uneasy.  I knew in my heart that my life wasn’t probably going to dramatically change, but that many were about to feel an immediate and dramatic shift.  I really couldn’t have imagined how quickly that reality would be for large groups of people in our country.

My intention is not to launch into political rhetoric or alienate others who share views in contrast to my own.  I am of a strong belief that what we put out into the world comes back to us.  Spewing hate or disgust will get us no where.  Admittedly, I was dismayed by the election and felt a bit lost.  I knew couldn’t wallow for 4 years, so I decided to act instead.

Here is what I have done in the past year instead of wallowing:

1) For the first time in my life I have become interested in the actual politics, policies, and the play makers of our democracy. I listen to the podcasts The Daily and The Axe Files to stay informed.

2)  I subscribed to The New York Times.  A free press is imperative.  You can support good reporting by subscribing and purchasing newspapers.

3)  I have called and/or written to my representatives in regards to legislation important to me.

4)  Read articles and listened to interviews with alternative view points.

5)  Looked for ways to get involved in a positive way.  I’m super interested in the non-partisan organization, She Should Run, that is encouraging and supporting women to run for political office.  We need diverse voices at the table!

What have you been doing the past year to navigate this uncertain time in our country?

Photo by Atle Mo on Unsplash



Friday, January 19th, 2018

Happy Friday! Each week I am inspired by articles I read, recipes I find, pictures I see, and music & podcasts that I hear. Little details from each one shape my week. I love passing along this inspiration. I hope you have an amazing weekend.


1|  I’m a little twisted but true crime stories get me every time.  Atlanta Monster is a haunting story and this podcast hooked me!

2|  Cutest handbag there ever was!

3|  Ellen Pompeo just became the $20 million dollar woman.  #timesup

4|  Perfection.

5|  What Unites Us?    “In a polarizing climate, what unites Americans may be as powerful as what divides us.”

6|  General Tso’s Chicken.  Thank you Jessica Seinfeld!

7|  Be Your Own Boss:  Rony Vardi of Catbird Jewelery.  We all have such interesting paths in life!

PS:  I have written about Rookie and Catbird (and here) before. Still love both!!



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