IMG_1879smallI am Denise Thomas, a modern day house wife.  I launched Where is June in 2009 as a means to survive being home all day with two very small boys.  Some days were especially exhausting and I just needed a break.  I wondered to myself if an iconic 1950’s housewife, June Cleaver, was available to lend a hand.

I strive to keep life simple and real, but filled with many loving details.  It is by no means easy {and none of us are perfect}, so a little help is always appreciated.   Where is June is written for the modern girl trying to make a home and raise a family while maintaining her sanity. Like your best girlfriends,  I hope you turn to Where is June for ideas, inspiration and a good laugh when you need it!

Passionate for cooking, laughing, travel, fashion, and fitness, I live with my husband and two boys just over a floating bridge from Seattle.

If you have a few minutes, these personal posts give a bit more insight into my family, feelings, and my passions.

{Photo by Elise Marie Photography}