True story.  As you may know, I purge my closet quite regularly. I shift items in and out as the seasons change and when I do many items end up being permanently removed.  About a month ago, I put away all of my summer staples (sniff, sniff) and to my horror the only thing left in my closet were black tops!  Why is it that any time I buy a new top……I choose BLACK?!  Boring and predictable.

So it got me to thinking.  Happy people have color in their lives.  I am a happy person.  I have made myself two promises:  1. Buy responsibly and 2. No more black.  While deciding on a color palette for my own closet, I explored a few options.  Yellow is interesting and inspiring in both clothing and in the home.  This mustard yellow is the bee’s knees.  Paired with dusty pink and black -it’s striking!  I thought I’d share a few images that gave me that creative spark.

Whimsy art work with a pop of yellow.  Wouldn’t this look great in an office?

Yellow pants, yellow boots, and that clutch (as an accent to pink)….I’m loving all of it!


Pairing yellow with moody dark walls or light and white.  Either way it’s a great statement in the home.

I ultimately decided this color yellow does not look great with my complexion….but I still love it so.  Maybe it will work for one of you??  What color(s) do you seem to buy again and again?  I’m super curious.




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