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Yesterday I spent about 30+ minutes cleansing my Instagram of those I follow. I have been feeling a need to simplify my Instagram for one main reason.  My sanity.  You see I followed many social influencers who, as a career, share clothing, home goods, beauty products, vacations, and experiences on their IG accounts.  Many of the items and trips they share are gifted to them or sponsored.  While I don’t fault them for making a living- it wasn’t really a good thing for me to be inundated all of the time. Of course they disclose their sponsored posts, they are legally required to do so.  For other posts they tag items and they simply receive kick backs through affiliate links if you make purchase.  {Again, I don’t fault them for this practice.}  I know, this is a lot of blog biz talk, but I think it is important to understand the business of social media, how companies are using their marketing dollars, and how we are being persuaded in purchasing decisions- possibly without even knowing.

Why am I sharing this information?  1.  It is just that.  Information.  2. While I try to be more conscious as a consumer, it was a battle not to click through to see the price of an item I found beautiful or interesting.  3. As most of us know, it isn’t the whole picture.  IG lives are not REAL lives.  They are curated, edited, filtered, and constructed.  But does our subconscious know it?  In many cases, probably not.  4.  Comparing is exhausting.  As an almost 43 year old woman, I don’t have time for it anymore.  And when you are comparing your reality to a manufactured image- you are never gonna win!

I love Instagram.  Visually it is so interesting to me.  I have found wonderful small businesses and creative humans sharing their talents.  I follow friends who I don’t get to see regularly.  I enjoy capturing moments in my day and sharing them with you.  I promote my blog posts using IG.  I’m note deleting it, just using it more wisely.

What do you think? How do you feel about influencers using social media to make a living?



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  1. Jodi says:

    Great post! There is so much marketing out today, some obvious and a lot that is subtle. It is constantly telling us that we need more more more. I used to get a lot of catalogs in the mail, unsolicited catalogs. I used to feel the need to flip through everyone, just in case I might be missing the latest and greatest. It was stressing me out to look at all of these nice things – oh wouldn’t that be nice or we would use that all the time. One day I realized I had a choice to not look anymore and started putting them straight into the recycling. I feel a lot less pressure to ‘keep up with the Jones’ now. We are all doing the best we can and I already have too much stuff. Blocking out the white noise from marketers makes room for the things I really do like.

  2. Alexa says:

    I’ve made the same step as you. But in my case, it was more about having in my feed only those “perfect” profiles not much of honest ones. Since I’ve started to be more interested and try to get inspired by small accounts not just the big and popular ones it’s easier to stay sane. Definitely following small profiles helped me to reduce the pressure that I’ve put on myself. But this is so our time’s affliction. You’re not alone with this, and I’m sure almost everyone who’s not an influencer will agree with you 🙂

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