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I couldn’t finish this post in time to hit publish on Friday. But since I’m in charge, I can post it on Monday instead.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Our weekend centered around Little League playoff games.  Sadly Little Man’s team suffered a crushing loss yesterday, so he is done for the season.  We also saw Wonder Woman.  You really MUST see this movie.  I pretty sure I have seen every superhero/comic inspired movie produced in the last 8+ years.  Wonder Woman is by far the best.  Hands down.  I loved the action, the spirit, and the story line.  Plus, the kick-ass women were entirely inspiring! Hope you all have a great week.

A few things that inspired and interested me last week:

1.  A sneaker problem continues. Into these Pumas.

2.  Who hasn’t watched Love Actually multiple times?  The Love Actually sequel is a dream come true.  {Only 15 minutes.  Watch it!}

3.  Covfefe inspired many! And made me laugh.  xo

4.  I found the socks that Kendall Jenner was wearing in last week’s post.

5.  Ellen Pompeo’s home in Sag Harbor is gorgeous.

6.  Ceramic tile transitions to wood floors in a striking entry.  SO. GOOD.

7.  We heard Leroy Bell play live on Friday night.  Been on replay ever since.


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