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I have placed myself on a shopping hiatus.  At {almost} 43, I am sort of stuck stylistically.  First, let me reassure you, I don’t prescribe to any notion of “dressing your age”.  Women absolutely don’t need to be told what they can and can’t wear.  For me, it’s more a change in my attitude towards clothes and fashion.  My life is quite simple and I don’t need a separate work wardrobe.  Other than workout gear and casual apparel {jeans and tee}, I’m still finding my way.  So, instead of buying more of the same and creating more clothing waste, I am just taking a break for a while.

The idea of Fewer, Better is a great principal.  It is the philosophy behind the brand Cuyana.  “We believe in style over trends, in quality over quantity, in loving your closet. We believe that fewer, better things lead to a fuller, better life.”  Oh my gosh, YES!  Less stuff.  Their design aesthetic is clean, simple lines and tailored silhouettes.

I had never purchased from their site, but was recently gifted this amazing leather pouch.  It is the perfect color blush and made from soft, supple leather.  I have used it as a clutch on a night out and in my carry-on to hold my headphones and Kindle.  I can tell that it is going to last and it is beautiful to carry.  I will be happy to support this brand in the future.  Investing in fewer, quality pieces is a step in the right direction.

PS:// I love their Lean Closet movement and I am putting this weekender bag on my birthday wish list.


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Where is June?


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