I have been thinking about, planning, postponing and drafting this post for many months.  If you have been a reader for the past few years, you surely noticed my absence in posting regularly-or posting at all.  A brief history of Where is June? starts with the blog being a private, “just between friends” space to share my small victories and shortcomings as a mother.  Somewhere around 2011 I decided I missed writing and I thought blogging would be a fun outlet.  My blog became public on Blogspot.  As I began to write and post more frequently, I started to obsessively follow other blogs.  The community was creative and intoxicating.  I read books about successful blogging practices, attended a conference, learned to take photos, purchased my own URL and Where is June?, as you see it today,  was born in 2013.    I found success with growing readership, collaborations with companies, and a shout out in a Better Homes & Garden round-up.  It felt great.  Until it didn’t.

I lost my way.  While I really wanted to find a niche and somehow make money by writing and blogging- it was out of reach.  Or at least it felt like it.  I am the first to admit I do not have an entrepreneurial mind set (I started as a business major and made a quick switch after one year.  Undeclared was better than one more business class.)  Should I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone?  Probably.  Could I have asked friends and acquaintances for business advice?  Absolutely.  BUT…I didn’t.

If I wasn’t going to monetize the blog, what would it be?  I dream of fashion, but I am not a fashion blogger.  I try new recipes all the time, but I am not a food blogger.  I love my kids desperately, but I am not a mommy blogger.  Working out feeds my soul, but I am not a fitness blogger.  Nothing makes me happier than planning a trip, but I am not a travel blogger.  Home design is an obsession, but I’m not a designer. I enjoy creating layouts and taking pictures, but I’m not a graphic artist or photographer.  If I’m not any of those things, what the hell am I doing?  So I stopped.

And now I am ready to start again.  {Thank you for reading this far. You made it through all the rambling}  I have decided Where is June? can be anything I want it to be. {It does seem obvious, I know.}  I don’t need to follow any rules or any specific model.  As the posts begin to pop up more frequently, I hope they are inspired and a bit different.  I want it to feel like a conversation you might have with your girlfriends while sharing a bottle of Rose.  Nothing forced.  Just me sharing with you, just like I would with my friends.  The pictures will probably be from my iPhone and the layouts won’t be perfect, but I promise the writing will be real.  It will be authentic. And most importantly, it will be me.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading.  If you have ever shared one of my posts, you are a lovely human.  Here is to more great posts and to building an online community of friends.


PS// I’d love to hear what you have enjoyed reading here on the blog in the past.  Leave a comment below or direct message me.





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4 Responses to “WHERE IS JUNE? | REIMAGINED”

  1. PIper Henry says:

    I’ve missed Where is June! I’m interested in all your posts Denise. I think you’ve got an addictive point of view in culture and home. I SAVE Where is June posts as a treat for when I’ve finished my other emails. Whatever direction you go in, I will follow. Iv’e used your ideas and discoveries regularly in my life. So glad you’re back! Iv’e missed my treat!
    Thank-you!!!!!! Pie

  2. Megan Morrow says:

    Hi Denise!

    So nice to have you back. I love the pie-making blog and I dreamed of following your lead to class taking… Unfortunately, it’s still just a really good idea. I also really liked your article about the closet nook. I have that type of space too and you inspired me to take a bit more care {and pride} in that underappreciated space in my home. I love your style and your perspective.

    We all go astray periodically… My ship is constantly listing to the side 🙂 -Megan

  3. Megan Hand says:

    ❤️ This post! Glad you are back and look forward to reading your take on life!

  4. Jill hartman says:

    This is the best news! I honestly check your blog once a week & just discovered these new posts! Yay for you! Xo

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