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We spent a week in Buenos Aires last month and we couldn’t have asked for a better trip.  Why Argentina you ask? Aaron and I had once talked about going to Buenos Aires and then we had kids.  Needless to say, it has been on the list for quite awhile.  I luckily found three other couples excited and willing to travel to South America with us.  Oh and to end the trip -we planned to see Pearl Jam play live in concert. {This made the men very happy!}

First off, it is quite a journey to get to Buenos Aires.  From Dallas Fort-Worth, it is a 10 1/2 hour flight {11 hours on the way home}.  Luckily ours was an overnight flight.  So with a little bit of sleep, we hit the ground running once we arrived!

Click through for the highlights and photos from our trip……

Palermo, Buenos Aires | Where is June?

We stayed the first two days in the area of Palermo.  It was a quieter area of the city with awesome restaurants, bars, and boutiques.  It was fun to wander through the streets and the shopping was fantastic.  The leather goods store, Calma Chicha, stocked the most amazing bags, chairs and rugs. We may have visited more than once.  Exploring on foot always provides unexpected surprises.  Early on the second day I ran through the Bosques de Palermo, an expansive park, and found the most beautiful rose garden.  It was meticulously maintained and the scent was intoxicating.

We absolutely LOVED the boutique hotel, Fierro, that we called home base.  Edward, the manager, was so friendly, welcoming, and helpful.  {Actually everyone in Argentina was extremely friendly and helpful!}  The hotel’s restaurant, UCO, was the best dinner we had during our stay!  Breakfast at UCO was included with our room and it featured house made yogurt parfaits, delicious rolls, and homemade dulce de leche.  The inviting patio was the perfect spot to enjoy cafe con leche or a glass of Malbec.

Malbec Buenos Aires | Where is June?

As our entire group was traveling without children, we were able to really relax.  On our first day we had a quick bite mid afternoon at a near empty restaurant.  At the end of the meal our waiter brought us a round of sparkling wine-on the house!  Argentinians may be the kindest people on earth.  You can’t go to Buenos Aires and not visit a steak house.  We dined at Don Julio.  Even I, not a huge steak eater, was impressed.  Our waiter had us sign our wine bottle and he placed it on the shelf above our table.  Do you think it still there?

One notable spot we had drinks was Floreria Atlantico.  The store front was the most charming flower and wine shop.  The speak-easy was down a flight of stairs hidden behind a refrigerator door.  It was a tiny spot but the waitress found a table for six of us.  The food smelled and looked amazing, but we only planned for cocktails as it was our first stop for the night.  Just drinks for us, but 100% worth the visit.  {Our other stops that night included Shout and The Pony Line.}

Recoleta, Buenos Aires | Where is June?

After a mid-week excursion to Iguazu Falls, we were back in the city and landed in the Recoleta neighborhood.  Spring had officially sprung and we had nothing but sun for the rest our stay.  We visited the Cementario de la Recoleta.  It was by far my favorite attraction in Buenos Aires.  Strange since it is a cemetery, but could you stroll through the “streets” {it is four city blocks}, peek into the crypts, see caskets and flowers on alters, and discover the tombs of Argentinian Presidents.  It took a little bit of detective work, but we were able to find Eva Peron’s grave.  Interestingly enough, she is buried with her family-not her husband.  We also took in a Tango show, visited Plaza de Mayo, and fell in love with the San Telmo Sunday market.  The market filled blocks and blocks with flea market treasures, trinkets, leather bracelets, food, musicians, dancers, and so much fun!

Pearl Jam, La Plata | Where is June?

On our final night in Argentina we saw Pearl Jam live .  They played in a soccer stadium outside of Buenos Aires in La Plata.  To say the people of Argentina love Pearl Jam is a gross understatement.  They are CRAZY in love with them.  The crowd broke out in chant and song between every song. {Just watch this video!  It was so unbelievable.}  The night was electric.  Pearl Jam is a legendary band for a reason.  They played for nearly 3 hours and it was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I am now a super fan. It was the end of a most amazing trip!

Argentina and Buenos Aires… I really do love you!  The people and the country are unforgettable.


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