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We leave for Buenos Aires in just four days.  {Pinch me!}  One of my dear friends, who we are traveling with, has issued a challenge.  Carry on luggage only.  My husband has wholeheartedly accepted the challenge for me after lugging my enormous suitcase around Italy for two weeks.  I will admit that I packed too much on our trip to Europe.  We were gone for fifteen days and I had no idea what to take with me.  Now I have a better idea of what I like to wear in a large, international city.  It also helps that it is spring time in South America, so I won’t need big bulky clothing.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not going to be easy to do.  I am beginning to formulate a plan.  I think dresses will be my saving grace. However, what do I do about shoes?  Or outerwear?  Or beauty products?  The beauty products alone are nightmare.  Damn 3 oz. rule!  {I strongly believe that rule is discriminatory toward women.}

So I have to ask:

Do you carry on or check your luggage?  If you carry on, what are your tricks?! 


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  1. Eliana says:

    I never, ever check in luggage. Did I mention I never check my bags? 😉
    I’ve been able to travel 3 weeks through Italy, Turkey and Israel; 2 weeks in Colombia; 2.5 weeks in Vietnam and Thailand.
    My M.O.?
    – pick a color scheme. I’m strictly a black and grey kind of gal. Color is for accents.
    – layer. I have 2 go-to lightweight travel dresses, one grey the other black. Short sleeves, scoop necked, knee length. I add a couple of sweaters/heavy shirts to dress them up or down. Leggings for the same reason. Some days, the dress is omitted and it’s leggings/shirt day.
    – scarves/pashimas. Colorful, easy to pack and they can make your outfit. Also great for visiting places where women need to cover up more than usual for local cultural traditions.
    – good walking shoes. Sandals. Flats. My days of trying to be taller are over.

    I’ve learned to pack the basics when it come to toiletries and be adventuresome by trying local recommended moisturizers, hair products, etc. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes not. But it’s adventure!
    Hope your trip to Argentina was everything you hoped for, Denise!
    Love your page!
    Ye Olde Church Lady

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