In the Details No 13 | Where is June?

And just like that it is the end of the week.  Hell ya for Friday!  We just finalized all of our travel plans for our trip to Argentina.  And yes, I am counting down the days.  Have you been to Buenos Aires?  I’d love any recommendations if you’ve got them.

I am still reeling from The Martian and having fantastic conversations with my boys about the film!   {Yesterday Little Man and I discussed how Watney pooped in space.}  If you haven’t already, you really must go this weekend.

A collection of things that inspire and interest me this week:

1. Instagram worthy!  The colorful buildings of the La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires.  {Stay tuned.}

2.  Black, white, gray, gold, and wood.  The perfect palette for a home.

3.  Mismatched cutlery in mason jars is pretty on display.

4.  A pennant to show my love!  {Other cities available.}

5.  I would love to wear my hair in this braid to an evening event.

6.  Chocolate chip and Caramel Sandwich Cookies.  That’s all.

7.   You must {MUST} watch the documentary, Iris.  She is the coolest bird around!

{Image of Iris Apfel via Vogue}


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Where is June?


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