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Recently I grew tired of having all my beauty tools and products thrown in a drawer.  Even though they were in a travel bag and small trays, I found that items were hard to find and often overlooked.   Inspired by this post about cosmetics on display, I decided to do something about it.  After covering one end of Target to the other, the idea of using an everyday kitchen item popped in my head.  I use a tea cup to store accessories, why not use a drinking glass to display beauty essentials?  At first my thought was to just display my brushes, but since the clear glasses were less than $5 -I grabbed two. Now, all of my make up brushes are in one glass and eye essentials {liners, mascara, brow gel, tweezers,} in another.  I loved it so much, I picked up one more glass at the thrift store for $.50, which is now home to lip sticks.  This inexpensive project somehow makes getting ready more fun and my bathroom counter colorful.

beauty tool storage | Where is June?

PS//  I also replaced all of my makeup brushes!  So worth it!

PPS//  Oh, the dark walls and hideous bathroom fixture!  My life is not perfectly styled.


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