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Whoa!  I couldn’t put this book down over the weekend.  In Luckiest Girl Alive, Jessica Knoll wrote a lead character who is smart, complex, damaged, brave, superficial and ambitious.  How is that possible?

I loved this book.  Not because the protagonist, Ani, is particularly likable because she isn’t.  I loved how the author carefully crafted her prose to give us insight through the inner monologue of Ani.  Most of the time it was cringe worthy, but is was always brutally honest.  Her painful past and true feelings were never hidden from the reader.

Without giving too much away, it is similar to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.  It has unexpected plot twists and is dark, quite dark.  I found myself thinking about the end of the book while running today.  I’m left with questions. Big ones.  And in my opinion that is a good thing!

What are you reading?


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Where is June?


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