Leather closet pulls

Ok, so it all started with the doors of my beat-up entry way closet begging me to give them a face lift.  They are bi-folding doors and I plan to paint them black. In searching for something different than your typical knob as the pulls, I came across this picture of these amazing leather pulls on closet doors.  Brilliant!  Purchasing them seems to be costly, but I fairly certain I can make my own.  My dad is a skilled leather craftsman and I am willing to bet if I make him freezer jam he would help me bust a few of these out.  The closet doors will need a knob, so it is a loop of leather and a bolt.  We can do this!  Long handles don’t look to be much harder.


leather handles | Where is June?

If my little DIY leather adventure works out, I might be swapping all my kitchen knobs and pulls, too!

kitchen leather cabinet pulls | Where is June?

I’ll let you know how it goes!

{Kitchen image via Apartment Therapy}

Knobs 1//2//3

Pulls 1//2//3


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