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Women of a certain age must share the news with friends when they find a beauty product that they love.  It’s in the contract!  Recently I have come across a few items that are great additions to my beauty bag.  Want to know what they are?

1.  Somme Institute: Transport|2- Soft cotton pads infused with magic.  I purchased the jar with a purple dot after a facial and was fairly skeptical.  I was proven wrong within 1 week.  My skin is brighter, my adult acne is under control { with the use of a prescription antibiotic} and my hyper-pigmentation is much less noticeable.  Seriously, they are awesome!!

2.  Sephora Express Cleaning Wipes– I purchased this little pack to remove makeup while traveling.  I am obviously super lazy because this is how I cleanse my face most nights.  I will be buying the larger pack soon.  These also work great after a workout if you can’t take a shower or wash your face right away.

3.  Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer – Okay, so this concealer was an investment.  However, I think it will last a very long time.  You don’t need much at all and it covers my dark circles like no other.   It blends perfectly and doesn’t settle into the fine lines around my eyes, which is a HUGE plus!

4.  Dove: Clinical Protection|Clear Tone –  I was in between deodorants, so I gave this one a try.  So far it is pretty fantastic.  It goes on smooth, with very little residue.  It is marketed to also lighten the skin of your underarms, but I haven’t really noticed a difference.  Bottom line, it actually works and I don’t have to worry!

5.  Elizabeth and James: Nirvana {Black} – I love this scent!  After careful research, I bought the roller ball as an easy way to travel with perfume!  I loved it so much, I purchased a bottle for at home.


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