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Big W had a Little League baseball game last night.  I could tell he was going to have a great game when he struck out swinging during his first at-bat.  And I was right!  Two more turns at the plate brought swings, foul tips, and a throw out at first.  He gave a top-notch effort and had his best game of the season.  I know you are probably wondering if I am being serious, right?  I am 100% serious and seriously proud!

While I cheered wildly for his strike out, many parents looked over their shoulders-wondering if I had lost my mind.  You see, W has probably been up to bat fifteen times this season and had not swung the bat once.  Not once.  {This is actually a carry over from last season as well.}  Only he knows why.  But last night he stepped up to the plate and swung at the first pitch.

What have I learned?  Be patient with your kids.  They are not on all on the same trajectory.  It is difficult to watch your child struggle.  But, struggle teaches resiliency.  Be a great team parent.  Get to know the kids on your child’s team.  Scream madly when the kid that never gets a hit, suddenly ends up on first.  Tell those babies that you love to watch them play.  Cheer on every success, even if that success is a strike out!  Find the lessons in the game outside of being an all-star.  Encourage them to grow as person and as a teammate.  Tell them to have fun and be great.

I can’t wait to watch him play next.  Who knows, he may even get a hit!


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7 Responses to “STRUCK OUT SWINGING”

  1. PIper Henry says:

    YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Well done!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!

    • Where is June? says:

      They all seriously thought I had lost my mind! When W turned to walk back to the dug out, he had a huge smile on his face.

  2. Jkrsak says:

    Great news. I am so sorry I missed it. Once Will gets the feel of swinging the bat, he is going to connect. After he starts swinging, he can swing HARD. I can remember swinging so hard at a ball, I fell down. It is space, body awareness. Hitting the ball is learning a new foreign language. One word or phrase at a time.
    Go Will!!!

  3. Jill Hawkins says:

    Way to take a swing Will! Beautifully stated Denise. You are such a good, loving, patient and graceful mamma! Your boys are lucky.

    • Where is June? says:

      Thanks Jill! On a good day I am all of those things. And then there are other days. But I am learning to be patient with myself and understand that life is a series of near misses. xo-denise

  4. Kirsten says:

    You are a great mom!

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