Oh my goodness….there are new arrivals at Ban.do and all I can do is think about a road trip with just my girlfriends.  Thelma and Louise style {without the unfortunate end!}.

Packing List:

Overnight bag-I want to travel light, so I this is all I will take .

Small wristlet– Perfect for jumping in and out of the car to buy chips and candy.

Mobile charger– Having my phone die would be a bummer since I will be constantly posting to Instagram to annoy everyone back home.

Rebel bracelet -Since my girls are bad ass, we need these

Watermelon cooler bag– Cold beverages are required once we stop for the day

Koozies– Uh, they are awesome

Themal Mug– Coffee will be necessary

Where would we go?  Marfa, Texas.


I have been obsessed about road tripping to Marfa ever since I saw this piece on 60 Minutes.  It is a town in the middle of Nowhere, Texas that has become a magnet for artists and free thinkers.  Perfect for a girls road trip!

Our route: Fly to Albuquerque. Hang out.  Rent a car.  Drive to Marfa.  Explore and stay.  Drive to San Antonio.  Eat and drink.  Fly home.

Too good, right? We would stay here and of course we won’t miss this!!

This trip isn’t booked, but I will make it happen.

{trailer image via}

Not sponsored. Just inspired.


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