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Would you rather buy a new car or go on vacation?

Let me back up.  I am starting a new series called Would You Rather.  You know that game that you played after drinking too much.  It was always so much fun because people’s inhibitions were low and the truth was bound to come out!  I play it now with my kids, but the questions are a bit more tame.  However, why not use it to make life decisions or discover what is truly important to you?

So I ask you, would you rather buy a new car or go on vacation?

The answer for me is easy-go on vacation!  Problem is, I probably should get a new car.  I drive a 2003 Trailblazer and she has been good to me.  Actually, really good to me!  Recently one of the backseat doors broke and it makes a god-awful sound when you open and close it.  She is showing her age.  Of course I can fix the door, but it stands to reason that it is the first of many repairs that are coming.  On the flip side, it gets me from A to B reliably, I don’t commute, and my kids are slobs.  {Honestly, we don’t really deserve a new car!}

More importantly, I would rather use the money to go on vacation!  Travel makes me happy.  Really happy!  A trip is something that stays with you forever.  It changes you.  I can’t think of anything that makes me happier.  {Well, maybe eating and drinking while ON vacation!}  So this year I may or may not fix my car door and plan a family vacation.  Our tentative plan is to take the boys to NYC as soon as school lets out for summer.

Please share with me your answer.  Leave a comment here {below} or on social media!  Dying to hear the conversation!


{image taken in my last trip to NYC on 2011}


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One Response to “WOULD YOU RATHER….”

  1. PIper Henry says:

    Oh totally Denise! I’m with you 100%. My poor 2001, Volvo station wagon is limping along, reeking of dogs and I don’t want to know what else. I don’t care! I want to go to Disneyland before the kids are any older. I want to go to Barcelona and play on the beach. Kiss my husband in Amsterdam in the rain. What I don’t want is to spend tens of thousands of dollars and a new car I don’t even like that much and ruin it within seconds thanks to my 3 dog, 2 kid lifestyle. New car…bah! As long as it’s reasonably safe, why bother? Live!!!!!!!!

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