i love emojis

This seems like a ridiculous question right?  Well, I must ponder this very deliberately because it is a real dilemma for me.  You see, I dropped my phone about 3 weeks ago and it has been a roller coaster since then.  The shattered screen was replaced, only to have seemingly set off a domino effect.  First Siri would no longer chat with me.  The mic/camera was then replaced.  The new screen then glitched and blinked every time I touched it.  The latest screen {Yes!  That would be screen #3} worked for 2 hours.  Two beautiful hours.  Currently my phone works {most of the time} except for the bottom left corner.  Why is this important you ask?  Well, that is the corner for the number shift command -including punctuation and symbols on your keyboard.  That I am almost willing to live with, since I can still use voice command to insert those characters.  It is also where most ‘home’ commands are in most apps.  Also annoying!

However, I am mostly sad about the emojis.  Those darling little characters that make me smile every day!  Sometimes one emoji can replace words altogether.

So my big decision is whether or not to send my phone to CA to be repaired.  My gut says to just live with it.  And then I wonder….Can I live without emojis?


1.  Don’t check Instagram while on a walk.

2.  Buy AppleCare

3.  Take your shattered phone to the Apple store no matter what!

**In all honesty, it is just a phone.  It is miniscule on the scale of real problems.  It is just such a damn hassle.


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