Little Man is officially toothless.  The second top baby tooth, which was hanging sideways, finally popped out at school this week.  I feel I can make some astute observations now that my youngest is loosing his baby teeth:

1.  Teething was cruel and unusual punishment.

It is has been a long time since I have had a teething baby, but it was pretty miserable.  Just when I thought I had this mothering thing down and I was getting more than 2 hours of sleep at at time, my  little one started breaking teeth and my world was turned upside down.  Both of my boys were extreme droolers.  A shirt would be soaked in a matter of minutes.  Everything went in their mouth.  Everything!  However the worst was at night.  They would wake up screaming and were often hard to settle down.  A preemptive strike with Tylenol would sometimes help and I called those natural teething tablets my ultimate savior.  {What the heck are those made of?}  It was exhausting for all involved.  Funny how excited they are about loosing their teeth.  If only they knew how hard it was for them to “get” them.

2.  The lisp is outrageously adorable.

Little Man is now talking with a bit of a lisp.  Without out those two front teeth it is impossible to enunciate correctly.  When ever he is telling me something serious or trying to get his point across, I am secretly giggling inside.  Hard to take a man with an adorable, toothless lisp seriously.

3.  The tooth fairy is actually kind of freaky.

Little Man will not leave his teeth under his pillow.  I thought for sure he would be super stoked to get some cold hard cash for his teeth.  Even a little extra money is not worth it to him.  The thought of some fairy sneaking into his room and reaching under is pillow is enough to put him over the edge.  He is a boy that thinks very literal.  Things are black or white in his world.  He is not interested in a stranger coming into his room – even if it is a fairy leaving money.

What are your “teeth” stories?  I know you’ve got them!


2 Responses to “TOOTHLESS”

  1. Kirsten says:

    My teeth stories? More than once this tired mama has forgotten to leave money under the pillow. Solution to the announcement that the Tooth Fairy didn’t come? Look through the sheets, quickly deposit money, and say the money must have moved during the night. 🙂

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