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Do you Instagram??  It is quickly becoming my favorite social-media site.  Something about  4×4 pictures that makes me outrageously happy!  I decided to start a series called Four to Follow.  Just a quick heads up on four accounts I think you might like {or love}!  If you are not on Instagram, I highly recommend it.  Come play…it’s super fun!


The official account for the magazine Darling.  As self described: “Darling isn’t just a magazine, it’s a movement. Our print magazine is a guidebook to lead you through the seasons of the year and your life. We exist to encourage and empower women and be a voice of love.”  I subscribe to the print magazine as well as follow them on Instagram.  I am blown away by their mission and their pictures are inspiring.  Darling is the art of being a woman.


Ascot and Hart is an online store founded by the girls behind Target Does It Again.  Their style is mix between boho and grunge.  I always love the outfits they put together and their original style!


Taylor Sterling is the founder of Glitter Guide.  Her account is flooded with details from her everyday life, Glitter Guide adventures and her darling baby girl, Elodie.


The Instagram account of David Schwen is creative in every sense.  I can’t really put his images into words….you just have to see them!  Each day I smile when I see his fun and original posts.

Do you have any accounts that you love to follow?

Pssst……follow me too!  @seattlejune

{All images via featured Instagram accounts}


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