Lake McGillivray

I don’t downhill ski.  Funny thing is, my family takes a ski vacation every year.  What is a girl to do?  Snowshoe!  We just returned from a stay in Sun Peaks, Canada.  I spent our days there on my snowshoes taking in the sights!

I find my time snowshoeing relaxing and invigorating at the same time.  The views are often breathtaking.  The valleys are peaceful, yet the workout is strenuous.  This year I took on a challenge.  A 12km trek to a wilderness lake.  My friend Jeremy and I left the village at 10am and returned just after 4pm.  Yes, that is 6 hours on snowshoes.  Even with an hour break for lunch, it was still a hell of long walk in the snow.  We had heavy snow fall, then bright blue skies, and deep snow.  Our destination was McGillivary Lake.  Frozen over in the winter, we were able to walk onto the ice and snap some pictures.  We enjoyed a delicious warm lunch in the warming hut that our guide, Robert, packed for us.  We signed the Nordic log book and visited with the cross country skiers that were eating lunch as well.  Funny thing, they were all from the Seattle area.  Guess the snow is better in Canada!

I will admit the walk back was LONG and my left hip flexor was screaming.  By the end I was no longer chatting, but simply daydreaming of the beer that awaited me in the village.  Sore feet and muscles were certainly worth the awesome day we had on those advanced mountain trails!  The pictures don’t do this hike justice.

Lake McGillivary Canada

The rest of my trip was spent solo on shorter trails.  With my ear buds in and music pumping, I rarely saw another hiker.  I enjoyed the time alone.  And the views.  Man, I can’t get over the beauty of new snow and brilliant sunshine!  I feel so lucky to have found a sport to enjoy while my boys are making turns up on the mountain.  {A happy wife = a happy life.}

Sun Peaks on Snow Shoes

P.S.  We HIGHLY recommend Sun Peaks, Canada for a family ski vacation.  It has a wonderful village, tons of skiing, virtually no lift lines, and lovely people.  You truly can’t go wrong.  {Sun Peaks for life!}

Interested in the guided snowshoe tour to Lake McGillivary?  Book with Adventure Centre.  Robert was a fantastic guide!


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