I may have a problem with Netflix.  I recently started watching the series Parenthood {from the beginning} and I cannot get enough.  I love the characters in this show.  They are all flawed in someway, but that is what makes them so interesting and funny.  The beauty of discovering a series, well after its start, is being able to watch {stream} one episode after another. With TV series available on Netflix, AmazonPrime, DVD, and OnDemand- TV marathons are possible whenever you may like!  {BE WARNED!  It is a slippery slope and can cause anti-social behavior.}

I have watched a few others series just like this.  I immersed myself in Gossip Girl, Downtown Abbey {Seasons 1 and 2}, Homeland, Sopranos {Seasons 1 and 2}.  I got to thinking.  If I hadn’t watched shows from the beginning, which of my favorites {past and present} would be good to watch as a marathon.  My suggestions are:  Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, West Wing, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, House of Cards {Netflix original} and Orange is the New Black {Netflix original}.

It won’t be long until I have no Parenthood episodes left to watch.  I need something in my queue.  How about Sherlock?  Scandal?  The Tudors?  I need your suggestions.


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  1. Kirsten says:

    Scandal for sure! It is addictive and will keep you at the edge of your seat.

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