pinecone garland

I do love seeing DIY projects, but I seem to only pick the ones that are easy and require little effort.  I loved the idea of a rustic pine cone garland.  Actually, I quietly would like to replace my holiday decor with all white, metallic, and natural decorations.  Instead of throwing everything out, I am trying to add accents that require little to no budget.

For this garland, I purchased a bag of scented pine cones at the grocery store.  Next, I drilled very small holes into the base of the pine cones and screwed in small eye hooks with a pair of needle nosed pliers.  Everything is better with gold spray paint, so I gave them each a quick coat.  Finally I tied each pine cone on the line of twine.  If I was to do it again {which I will next year}, I would use heavier, rustic twine.  Mine looks more like kite string.

I simply hung the garland in front of a set of windows using small Command hooks.  It adds a natural element to our dining room and smells amazing to boot!

Be Merry and Bright!

Interested in other DIY projects?  Check out my TO DO board.  xoxo


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