advent failure

Two weeks people, but I am not going to panic.  Two weeks from today my kids will be officially on break, which means I need to be officially done with my prep work.  What?  With Thanksgiving being so late, it is virtually impossible for me to out run this massive snow ball we call “the most wonderful time of the year”.

A perfect example is our advent calender.  I usually have it stocked and ready.  All the doors full of treasures to be joyfully opened each morning.  This year has been an epic failure.  In year’s past, I have used the LEGO Advent Calender but when I went the day before Thanksgiving to buy them I found they were sold out!  I know better than to wait until the last minute-this isn’t my first time at the rodeo.  So now, I am scrambling to find items that fit inside our calendar.  {As you can see I am totally screwed come tomorrow!  Nothing is ready for the rest of the Advent season.}  Since my children are little sneaks, they peeked in all the doors and wondered why the calendar wasn’t full.  I quickly quipped in return that they cannot be trusted and I have all the items in hiding.  I am pure evil!  Nope , in reality, mommy couldn’t get it together this year!  Looks like my poor planning will be their windfall.  In the end, I am down to cash and chocolate.

I am pretty sure I  shouldn’t be using the phrase “totally screwed” when writing a post about Advent.  Oh, well.  Off now to buy mini-chocolate Santas and gather all the $1 bills I can find in the house.  Be merry and bright!


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2 Responses to “EPIC {ADVENT} FAILURE”

  1. Piper Henry says:

    Oh my god, you are my hero!!!! I’ve had a cold sweat from sprinting and failing so hard this holiday season. I can’t thank-you enough for all your hostessing and blogging. I laughed out loud three times this morning reading “Epic Advent Failure”. Thank-you, I needed it!


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