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I am a firm believer in celebrating one holiday at time.  However, when it comes to holiday cards you have to get started.  Soon.  Sharing a few ideas for your cards this year.

1.  Decide on picture(s). 

If you are like me, this may actually be a very difficult step!  We always include a family photo.  There have been years when December rolls around and there isn’t a snap shot of the four of us.  Personally, I LOVE the cards that show the fun and joy in life!  Who cares if everyone is looking at the camera? Perfect is boring. {Unless of course it is a professional portrait and those are pure awesome!}

2.  Choose source for cards.

There are so many amazing resources to create your own cards.  A few include:  Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, Minted, Snapfish. {I know many also use Costco, but I am not a member.}  This year I am super excited about Pear Tree Greetings.  They have unique and fun layouts with tons of options to customize the greetings, artwork, and colors.

3.  Select & finalize layout.

I find this is the most time-consuming step.  I often will find a layout I love, but it doesn’t work with the photo I have chosen.  One thing to remember is to pick a font that easy to read.  Also, choose font colors that pop.  Last year I selected to print our last name in green {see our 2012 card above} and I think red would have looked better.  What do you think?

4.  Update addresses.

What is it with people moving all the time?  Every year I need to update {or add new} addresses.  It isn’t a bad idea to look at your list and send a quick email today to everyone who is in a new home.  Update your list as each person responds.  Now you will be ready for #5

5.  Stuff, seal & send.

Print address labels using Avery templates.  I am sure there is some etiquette book that says you should hand address your cards.  Check the copyright date on that book.  Let’s be real, people.  Print and stick.  Now, I have a life changing tip for you.  I found a moistener tube for $.99 at Office Depot that saves me!  No licking.  Just fill the tube with water, swipe the envelope seal with the moistened end, and seal it shut!  {No need to thank me.}  Lastly, I am dying to buy a custom address stamp!  Easy to use and the type is gorgeous!  {Think I better order one if I am going to use it this year!}

seal and send

Ok.  Ready, set, freak out!  No, really, you can do this.   If the time line is too short, send a Happy New Year card.  Still think it isn’t going to get done?  Take a deep breath and let it go.  There is always next year.


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