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There have been many chats about hair cuts this week in our house.  Big W is unhappy with a cut he got on Monday.  It isn’t a bad cut, but it is much shorter than he is used to and he isn’t a fan.  At dinner last night I told him that every adult could understand his pain.  We have all been there.  You know the story.  You sit down in the chair, chat with your stylist and then something goes astray.  To your horror, you see it happening {the train running off the tracks and hair falling to the floor} and there is nothing you can do about it.  While breezing down memory lane with the help of a few photographs, I found much of my hair history falls into two categories.  A bad cut OR a bad idea.  Either way it has been quite a bumpy ride!

A few highlights:  From a young age I wanted long hair.  However my mom was in charge of styling decisions, so long hair was out and the pixie was in.  It actually was a darling haircut, but not what I wanted.  When I finally got a bit of power, I grew it long and a massive amount of bangs.  To my own defense, it was the 80’s and everyone was doing it.  Still, it was really bad idea.  In the early 90’s, I went through a mid-high school crisis.  My answer was to cut all my hair off.  I walked into the salon with hair down to the small of my back and walked out with a pixie.  It was a shocking change.  The bad idea came when I was trying to grow out my hair. {If you have ever done this, you know it is long and embarrassing process!}  So, I decided to perm it.  Bad idea.  Who does that???  However, the worst of the worst came in the summer of 2000 {a mere 12 months before my wedding day}!  I loved Rene Russo’s hair in The Thomas Crown Affair.  Actually, I was obsessed with it!  So I took a picture with me and asked for the exact cut.  A girl with curly hair, that frizzes at the sign of any moisture, has no business with this style.  This was a horrible cut.  Oh my gosh.  It was so, so bad.  Now, looking back, if I don’t laugh about it -I may cry.

Truthfully, I hope you are laughing.  I am.  How can you not?  It is quite an unglamorous hair past.  Please tell me you have pictures like these hidden somewhere.  Commiserate with me.  What is your worst hair story?!?


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6 Responses to “{HAIR} THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT”

  1. Jossie Brown says:

    You crack me up! I still battle with my damned hair! My worst hair story is still writing itself everyday! I think I want it long so I grow it…. then cut it, I do this over and over and over….and my poor hair has been so many colors it’s probably suffering from identity issues at this point! Thanks for your humor Denise….laughter makes looking in the mirror and cursing today’s hair struggle all worth it!

  2. Where is June? says:

    Oh, Jossie! Glad I can provide a lighthearted moment in your day. My hair struggles continue as well. You might actually remember the massive bang look I was rockin’ in the 80’s. xo-d

  3. Brandee Lawhead says:

    First off, I loved your pixie cut in high school! Remember that I have always tended to be a long hair gal if not shoulder length at least. I believe that is also due to my mom and grandma keeping it short when I was younger. Bridgett and I used to use tights on our heads so the legs could be our long braids lol. So I am blaming it on pregnancy hormones when I decided at 7 months pregnant to do a pixie cut. No a good look on me period, let alone the fact that I was a stay puff marshmallow. I came home laughing telling Ehren he was now married to Brandon. I too told him that if I didn’t keep joking about it I would burst into tears. 3 years later when I was pregnant again, he asked “and what are we for sure not going to do?” I said “try not to be induced?” And he said “no, you are not going to cut your hair!” We still laugh about it.

  4. Carol Scarcello says:

    Oh, Denise. What can I say? When you were little, my only way out of being able to style your hair was to keep it short. You were so cute. Do you remember a photo of you in your gymnastics leotard and poofy permed hair? So sorry, but at least I contributed to chapters in the “hair story”.

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