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Early this month I shared that our pumpkin patch tradition was ending.  Our most loved farm was closed for business.  I left it up to the boys if they wanted to visit a new farm this year.  I am pleased as punch that they decided it was a must-do for our family.  The day was crisp, the pumpkins were plentiful, and Jubilee Farm was charming.  The hay maze and warm apple cider were great, but the high point was launching a pumpkin from a {home-built} medieval trebuchet!  What boy doesn’t love being part of smashing a pumpkin to smithereens?

New memories created.  Life doesn’t get much better.

big W

Little Man


big W and Little Man

Pictures like this one make a trip to the pumpkin patch essential – in this mom’s honest opinion!

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  1. Piper Henry says:

    Hey Denise,

    We went to Jubilee with a family from the kid’s school and LOVED IT!!! Excellent Halloween tradition as far as I’m concerned. Maybe we can all go next year together.


  2. Kelly says:

    Tell me you didn’t shoot pumpkins too! They have that at the farm we frequent, as well. It is fun!

  3. Where is June? says:

    Shooting pumpkins? Wow! No, but that would ensure a return every year! xo-d

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