Beginning Photography Workshop

A year ago I was determined to move my big girl camera {a Nikon DSLR} off of the AUTO setting.  I wanted to learn to shoot in manual mode.  Last October I took a one day workshop with Elise Liptack of Elise Marie Photography.  She is an excellent instructor and in just a few hours I had a good understanding of the exposure triangle, rule of thirds, composition, and shooting pictures with natural light.  It included informative classroom instruction and time to practice shooting, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.  I moved my camera off AUTO and I haven’t looked back.  {Plus, I got to spend the day with Elise!  I loved her so much that I asked her to take my pictures when I re-designed my blog.}  Elise is offering her Beginning Photography Workshop on Saturday, November 16, 2013.  If you live in the greater Puget Sound Area, sign up.  You will love it!

snapshots of a good life

Once I started shooting in manual, I had a million questions.  I decided to enroll in Karen Russell’s The Photography Workshop.  It is a comprehensive [online] photography class.  In 9 weeks you learn about composition, exposure triangle, white balance, light.  The list goes on and on. You can read a complete description of the workshop on her website.  The perks include extensive lessons [in PDF format] you are able to save or print, personal photo critiques from Karen, access to the forum for two years, and message boards to chat with fellow students.  I certainly am no pro, but my photos are improving and I now have a great reference resource.  If you own a DSLR and are the main photographer for your family, you will not be sorry!  The workshops fill up extremely fast and registration for the next workshop [January – March 2014] opens this Tuesday, October 15th [9am PST].  Yes, that is tomorrow.

If you didn’t already get it, I highly recommend going to a workshop or enrolling in a class to improve your photography.  Think of it as a gift to yourself.

{Images via Elise Marie Photography and Snapshots of a Good Life}

Just sharing the love with this post.  {It is not sponsored by Elise Liptack or Karen Russell.}  You can find inspiration everywhere.  Stop and shoot.


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