What is itYes, I know.  I am painfully aware that it is NOT picnic season.  I thought of waiting to post about this latest find, but I just couldn’t.  I just found the What is It? melamine paper bowls in the gift department at Nordstrom [of all places] for 50% off.  Too good to pass up!  I had been looking to replace my Target kiddie melamine bowls.  Don’t get me wrong, they served us well.  It was just time for something a little more grown up! These babies are dishwasher safe and too cute for words.  They are truly exact replicas of the classic paper bowls.  I will keep them in a low drawer, so the boys can easily get to them, year round.

You probably won’t be running out to purchase summer party goodies [unless you can find them on sale like I did], but it is worth a “pin”.  There is always next year!!

{1.//Hot Dog Trays 2.//White “Paper” Bowls 3.//Party Cups 4.//Gingham Checkered Picnic Plates}


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