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I loved this article about 100 Ways to Live to 100.  It presented a study that shared advice from centenarians.  There are 100 ways listed that could, possibly, lengthen your life.

A few on the list, I am happy to say, were naturally given to me. I was born a woman and had a happy childhood.

Some are just not possible.  I wasn’t born in Japan and I am not going to win a gold medal, an Oscar, or the Nobel Prize.

Many I have done or I am already doing. For example, I live in a Blue state, I got married and I have a family, I run {but not too much}, I wash my hands, and I love retail therapy.

Here are a few things I think I can add:  practice yoga, don’t dread getting older, keep busy, get a mammogram.

Lastly,  I will be sure and remember to move to the Aloha State and not play professional football!

What do you find interesting from the list?

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