Well, well well.  Neon is back again.  Have you found yourself asking, “Am I too old for this?”  There is a fine line between dressing on-trend and dressing like a teenager.  I do love neon.  In the late 80’s, I had the most amazing pair of neon pink, lace fingerless gloves.  [Seriously, right?]  Today, I keep the neon as pops of color on clothing and accessories.  Just enough to say, “I can still rock it.”  If you really like a trend, find a way to subtly work into your wardrobe.  Have fun and be brave.


Where is June | A pop of neon

Where is June | A pop of neon

Where is June | A pop of neon

Where is June | A pop of neon

Where is June | A pop of neon


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Where is June?


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