My kids are obsessed with the snack shack at the pool.  Since we have been at the pool everyday, I decided to work their obsession to my advantage.  We have a standing agreement.  They may purchase candy if they take and pass my daily food challenge.  I have shared before that my kids don’t eat a large variety of foods.  The daily food challenge will hopefully broaden their horizons and their ability to try foods they don’t ordinarily eat.  It is working beautifully!  So far they have successfully met the challenge of eating green grapes, bananas, turkey, granola, and yogurt and pepperoni pizza.  Scary that these are food my kids wouldn’t eat,right?  However, they had decided these were foods they didn’t like and that was that!  There has been some disappointment and failed challenges.  They couldn’t stomach snap peas and wouldn’t even go near cucumbers.  No big deal, they miss the snack shack for a day.  Well, it’s no big deal to me.  I giggle because it is a huge deal to them.  I look forward to the next challenge!  And so do they.

What great ideas have you used to convince kids to try new foods?

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