look in the lost and found

Where is your [          ]?  The blank can be filled with sweatshirt, backpack, lunch box, hat, kendama.  You name it, my kids have lost it.   When our elementary school career started four years ago, I was not the picture of calm when Big W would bound out of the school doors missing an essential item. Honestly, there was usually a freak out on my part and tears for him.   As a Kindergartner it would often be the largest thing he carried to school everyday, his backpack!  [That we could usually find in the classroom.]  Everything else had to be searched for in the lost and found.   Have you ever dared to peek at an elementary school’s lost and found?  Good gracious!  It is not for the faint of heart.  The sheer volume is staggering.  We could clothe a small village of children from our lost and found alone.

With two boys at school to loose their stuff,  it seems I am there multiple times a week this year.  Gone are my freak outs!  I calmly march them inside to sort through the piles of sweatshirts, jackets, lunch boxes, and hats.  [While quietly biting my lip so I won’t mutter, “How is it possible that you lost your sweatshirt again?”] Somehow we have found every item lost this year.  I am sure many have not been so lucky.  Or the poor mothers don’t even know it is missing.  Time is ticking and before you know it the school doors will be closed and those precious items will be gone forever.  Double check your house for items you haven’t seen around in a while and then tell them, “You better find your stuff!”

[folded lost and found items.  sweatshirts and coats three or four deep on two long tables]

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