cooperative subjects.

I am smack dab in the middle of a fairly intensive photography course.  My mind is swimming with new vocabulary, settings, and functions.  I have weekly assignments, which I submit for critique, that ask for me to find cooperative subjects.

I thought it might be comical to share with you a few outtakes of my “cooperative” subjects.  Taking pictures of my boys is a full contact sport.   

[Just a note.  These are straight of my camera with no editing. Also, the colors may seem odd because my assignment included experimenting with picture style.]

This is the picture I submitted for critique.

I am learning.  Let them be as nuts as they want to be and just keep clicking.  Every once in awhile you catch a great moment.

[And on the flip side, I love the outtake shots!  Gotta love them for who they are, right?]

5 Responses to “cooperative subjects.”

  1. Carol says:

    They are who they are!

  2. kirstenb says:

    I love the forehead-to-forehead shot.

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