a cozy desk chair

I long for a desk to call my own.  I have a very small built-in desk in the kitchen big enough for my computer.  That is it.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see an entire board dedicated to this simple idea.  A workspace-just for me.

Recently, I have a small obsession with faux fur throws to cozy up a desk [or dining] chair. 

However, sometimes the trouble with an obsession on Pinterest is being able to find a source to purchase!  I traveled down a blogger rabbit hole and finally came up with a lead.  IKEA.  And of course, they are no longer available.  I am hoping it is a seasonal item and will be back in stock next fall or winter. 
A girl can dream.  
What are your tricks to finding an item you have seen but don’t know quite how to get your hands on it?

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