the [modern] game of Life.

The game of Life.  Remember it?  The spinning wheel, cars, weddings, and babies.  Check the cars from my boys’ recent match up.  They decided to marry a boy and adopt their kids along the way.  I am calling it the [modern] game of Life.  Thing is, I was telling the truth when I said, “You can marry a girl or a boy.  It’s your choice.”  That’s life. [And it’s pretty damn awesome!]

Truth be told..they were pretty repulsed at the idea of getting married at all.  Boy or girl?  Who would want to get married and have kids?  Plenty of giggles. 

One Response to “the [modern] game of Life.”

  1. Carol says:

    I am just now reading your blog. I can just imagine the giggles and comments!

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