isn’t my life glamorous?

Let me set the stage:
I was picking up my two boys up from school.  It wasn’t raining and they asked to play for a few minutes with their friends.  I readily agreed; it would give me a chance catch up with some girlfriends.  As I was chatting, I caught sight of Little Man.  I knew at once we were in trouble.  He was walking like the tin man [stiff legs and at a slow pace].  He had one hand behind his back holding his bottom.   I watched the scene in slow motion and calmly said, “Hurry, buddy.”  Then he stopped quickly and froze. [Oh. no.]  “It already came out, mommy.”  [Breathe in, breathe out.]

Quickly shifting in to crisis management mode, I gather my oldest and told him we had to go.  “Why?” he asks.  Poop in the pants.  Is that reason enough?  Living less than a mile from school, I just needed to get him home.  However, he refused to walk.  I convinced him to just get into the school bathroom and we could dump the contents of his underwear – so that he could walk to the car and sit down for the ride home. Thank goodness I wasn’t a rookie.  It is a delicate process of getting a soiled pair of undies down cleanly.  Score one for mom. Step 1 complete.  Next, quickly home for clean up and new clothes. 

Once in the car I quickly fire off a text to my dear friend who witnessed it all… 
“Isn’t my life glamorous?”

Her reply: “Poor thing! This is why we drink!”   [I do love my girlfriends.]

A few hours later Little Man was dancing and catching snowflakes.  I watched him and smiled.  My heart full.   [And I sure do love him!]
Is my life glamorous? No.  Do some days include poop-filled Ninjago underwear? Yes.  
Let’s be honest motherhood is not for the weak.   Thankfully, the low moments are often followed by some of the best! 

2 Responses to “isn’t my life glamorous?”

  1. Carol says:

    Makes me love him even more!

  2. gwynn says:

    Mamahood is definitely not for the weak, and it is so very worth it all (even the poop! 😉 (And I agree with your friend, yes, this is why there is wine and cocktails 😉

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