personalization error

I recently ordered these cocktail napkins from Pottery Barn.   A little napkin with our initial could only make appetizers and cocktails a little more fun. I was giddy with excitement when the package arrived yesterday.

[one might refer to this as an epic fail]
The monogram was supposed to be {T}.  Fun, right?  Somehow their order system added two dashes after the single letter T that I entered.  {T – – } then translated directly to the embroidery.  I had to just laugh.  Can you imagine the person packaging my napkins?  Do you think they saw the humor in this ridiculous monogram?  For a moment, I thought about keeping them.  It could be my inside joke with my husband. A test for our friends and family.  Who would mention or ask about this odd personalization?  You know that awkward moment when you notice something, but don’t say anything in case it would be rude.  Slightly evil, but still funny.
In the end I decided to return them.  The return reason code: WP-personalization error.  Yep, I would say that pretty much sums it up.  
The clincher:  I wanted to reorder the napkin with the correct monogram. Nope.  On back order until January 9, 2013. 

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