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After watching two weeks of Olympics, I am inspired.  Inspired by the athletes that dedicated endless hours to training, years worth, for the chance to be the greatest [for a moment in time.]  Sweat, injuries, pain, and sometimes blood.  The joy of winning gold was perfectly juxtaposed by the sheer agony of defeat.  No matter the outcome, watching them makes me want to be better.  To do better.
Sadly, I will never be an Olympic athlete. [I wanted to be just like Mary Lou Retton for quite a few years, but eventually realized it wasn’t going to happen for me.]  However, I can live my life so that it will inspire others.  Inspire others to be great, love themselves, care for others, have fun, laugh at the craziness of life, and a blaze a trail that is uniquely their own. 

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  1. Carol says:

    You are Mary Lou. More correctly your families are connected. Your great Aunt Louise in Fairmont, WVA was also Mary Lou’s great aunt on the other side of the family. Now. How is that for connecting with a great gymnast! Mom

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