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Looking for the perfect color for your summer pedicure?  Look no more!
O.P.I ~ My Chihuahua Bites. 

Even on the coolest of June days, it adds a bit of sun. I decided this summer not to pay for one single pedicure.  I sunk $8 for the bottle of polish at my local beauty store and have been painting my own toes.  I got tired of paying $35+ , just to have a crazy boy run a scooter over my foot and chip the paint. 

My wonderful friend Jen found the secret to the perfect “at-home paint job.”  One swipe of Seche Vite as the top coat and it looks like a you paid someone else to do it!  My toes are proof.

What you will you do with the money you save from skipping spa pedicures?

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3 Responses to “bottle it”

  1. Great tip Den, thanks! Where do you buy the Seche Vite? I am ditching manicures. Always scrape my nails as I’m getting in the car afterwards – grrr!

  2. Target carries it! 🙂

  3. momtocooper says:

    I have the same color on my fingers and toes right now. Love the color. I must admit, I would rather skimp on new clothes and treat myself to manis and pedis 🙂

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